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Diet And Muscle Growth: How To Do It Right


Most people think that just by lifting weights, they’ll see the muscle gains they desire. In actual fact, it takes a lot more than that. Over the years, many bodybuilding experts have claimed that nutrition plays a larger part in gains than weight lifting does.

It’s not hard to see how this argument could be true. In the gym, you’re breaking and tearing down the muscle, hoping it will grow back bigger and stronger. But how can we grow without food? How can our muscles grow without food? It’s those calories and macronutrients that will be the foundation of a killer physique, so they’re important not to forget.

So, in order to help you out, the following post will give you some advice on eating right for muscle growth. It can be hard to get right, but so easy to get wrong – so stay well-informed.

  • Not all calories are good calories


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Sure, you could stuff your face full of cake, biscuits and pies, but will that really get you anywhere? You may pack on that size, but chances are, it’ll be fat, not muscle. So, you need to eat a lot of food, but make sure the stuff you do eat is pure quality.

This means plenty of meats like steak and chicken, and plenty of milk, eggs and nuts. You’ll also need those green veggies and potatoes, as well as plenty of rice and pasta. While this stuff can be quite expensive in bulk, there are ways to get it cheaper, such as a Muscle Food discount code. Combining a great workout regime with plenty of these healthy calories should see your gains skyrocket.

  • You can still enjoy your eating, too


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While making those pies, cakes and biscuits the focus of your diet would be bad, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy them from time to time. In fact, it’s recommended, and can make you feel a lot happier scoffing down vegetables every day. A super strict healthy diet that lacks a treat can get you down and make you feel stressed. This can in fact cause a placebo effect, and your muscle growth won’t get anywhere. So, keep your spirits and body happy by indulging every now and then – you earned it.

  • Casein before bed, whey post-workout


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When you’re sleeping, you’re obviously not eating anything. So, before bed, you need to consume foods that will supply your body with energy and protein throughout the night. In terms of protein, you’ll want to invest in casein – it’s found in foods like milk, cottage cheese and greek yogurt. A banana is also a good source of slow release carbs, so take one of those too.

However, post-workout, you need to get those nutrients to your body as quickly as possible. Milk contains whey as well as casein, so mix some with your protein powder for maximum results. Elsewhere, whey is found in high volumes inside cheeses and some yogurts.
Do you have any bodybuilding tips? How about any diet tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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