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Determine In What Category Of Body Type You Are In

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You go to the gym and see people working out with weights or doing some form of cardio activity and you sometimes compare their body to yours. Why you work out as hard as the other person to gain muscle, yet they gain it faster or easier than you. You seem to be struggling to reach your goals in your workouts. Well, the answer to that is that there are different body types. There are 3 body types and genetics play a big part in what body type you have.  Now not everyone will be all of one, you may be a combination of part of one and part of another.

The Ectomorph

If you find it hard to gain muscle, hard to gain weight, and you are considered slim, then the odds are that your body would be considered an Ectomorph. They have a very fast metabolism. He or she finds it hard to gain muscle mass, has a hard time gaining weight, and are lean and thin. Because you are already thin, you won’t need a lot of cardio do with the fact that you don’t need to lose weight. Do just enough cardio to give your heart a workout or to warm you up for weight training. If a person with Ectomorph body type does too much cardio, he or she will not gain more muscle mass. You will be defeating the results you are trying to achieve with weight training.

The Mesomorph

The person who has a Mesomorph body type tends to distribute his or her weight pretty evenly over their body as they are proportioned with a small waist and wide shoulders and narrow hips. They are athletic in appearance, and because they are in the middle of the three body types, they can mould their bodies to something like an ectomorph or build it up to a lot bulkier. They need to keep a close eye on their diets as they can gain or lose weight pretty quickly. However, with proper control of cardio and weights they can pretty much mould their bodies to what they want it to look like.  This is by far the best body type to have.

The Endomorph

People who have a larger frame, a harder time losing weight and gain weight and muscle easily tend to have the body type of the Endomorph. He or she has to watch what they eat because they can easily pack on pounds. However, they can build muscle fast, turning those extra pounds into bulk. Because they tend to have a higher percent of body fat, they need to do a lot of cardio and weight training to keep the fat ratio to muscle down. The best type of workout for this body type would be cross-training where they go from one exercise to the next without much rest in between sets. This will help to burn even more calories while sculpting their body.

Now that you know what body type you have, you can plan a diet and exercise program geared just for you.  Design your workout for your body type and watch your own results in the mirror next time you are in the mood for comparing results.

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