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Cool workout plans for women


Even today when it comes to fitness and health, people don’t talk about women and work out. They still have this traditional association of exercise and men. As a fitness enthusiast surfer I get an opportunity to talk to a lot of people. Recently I was working on a project related to ‘women’s workout plans’ and was delighted that women are very actively getting into fitness regime. I would like to mention some excerpts of the interviews that I did.


I was in Australia talking to women on the streets about fitness and the first interview I did was of Jade Clarke. Jade is an architect by profession and requires standing long hours for drafting, needs to run to sites for inspections and got to visit offices to seek approvals as well. She said she needs to be fit all the time, as without healthy body she cannot work efficiently.

Jade does weight training and is very particular about her training. She feels that women want a toned body, but most of them are afraid of weight training as they feel it would make them look masculine. I would like to state very clearly that women don’t have enough amounts of hormones that can build muscles like men, so however weight training they would do, they won’t look masculine.

She further said that if you are going in for a 3 day work out in a week, then you must focus on rather rigorous exercise that covers all body parts. The one thing that Jade mentioned with a lot of force was her universal dumbbells. She said one should start working out with her body weight with some moderate weights i.e. dumbbells. She felt her adjustable dumbbells give her the liberty of using weight of her choice and further has a good increment that could be set quickly. Jade said that everyone should choose a work out plan according her requirement but should use these adjustable dumbbells as those are complementary to a wide variety of work outs.

Far East:

I held an online interview of a girl named Chantaya. Chantaya is from Thailand and is a medicine professional. Her profession has made her realize the importance of health and nutrition so she takes utmost care of her health and fitness. What she shared was surely an eye opener. She said that getting into the gym and starting to work out itself is a huge step for a woman. This is a big step forward for healthy womanhood.

Women need a lot of endurance so there should be a balance of cardio and weight training. Surprisingly, in this other hemisphere of earth too, she mentioned the adjustable dumbbells for a great work out. She said, Women are generally skeptical about using weights but they must understand that using such adjustable dumbbells is very easy and handy. When one begins working out naturally a week is required to get along with the new routine. Being a medical professional she asked everyone to start working out after visiting your family doctor.


Clara from Italy is a Fashion professional. She feels that body should be paid attention to as this is a temple of Venus, The Goddess of beauty. Her profession has the highest regard for a fit body. Clara said that women normally have a tendency to put on weight especially at the bust , buttand belly, so one needs to work out on muscles related to these. Clara too suggested incorporating adjustable dumbbells for burning fat and toning various muscles. She suggests 4 days of weight training and a day of cardio. Rest of 2 days is well deserved according to her.


I was excited to see that in these 3 parts of the world, women choose similar equipment for exercise. I guess we are reaping fruits of globalization, where we can avail anything from anywhere. The message these three women have for the whole womankind is that, its high time women started working out, and with the companion i.e. top rated adjustable dumbbells (www.adjustabledumbbells.info) endurance, strength and tone is just a curl away.


Author Bio: Hi, I am Ethan Huber (@Huber_Ethan) Fitness Enthusiast, always eager to share fitness tips, tricks, workout plans, E-books. My mantra for life “Eat Healthy, Stay Fit and Live Happy…”!!


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