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Common Questions about the Facelift


Did you know that procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox are still the most requested cosmetic surgery in Ottawa procedures today? However, another procedure that is closely tailing these is the facelift. There is a good reason that facelifts are still so popular. The results that can be achieved with this process are powerful and can last much longer than the other procedures already mentioned. If you are thinking about having a facelift here you will find some answers to some of the most common questions asked about the surgery.

Who makes a good facelift candidate?

There is not any age or profile for a person to consider a facelift. This procedure is one that should be individualized to your situation, making sure that you take into account certain factors such as body type, age and a person’s size.

What is the best type of facelift?

There are a number of different techniques for you to choose from, including high SMAS, deep plane, MACS lift, skin only and many more. However, you need to talk with your doctor to determine which procedure is best for your specific needs.

How long is the surgery going to take and what is the expected recovery time?

The amount of time that the procedure will actually take will be dependent on the extent of the procedure you are having done. For some people, a mini-facelift can be completed in less than two hours. The standard doctor will take between three and four hours, and up to six if combined with brow or eyelid surgery. Since the facelift is a superficial operation, which is one where no bones are going to be broken, a surgery that last longer will not have much detriment to the patient.

The recovery time for patients will differ; however, generally speaking the swelling will begin to go down within 10 and 14 days. There are a number of patients that will return to work within 14 days.

What will the results of the procedure be?

A number of patients will report looking refreshed and younger, rather than operated on or different. The very best facelifts will appear natural, as if there has not been anything done beyond plenty of relaxation and rest. The very best way that you can ensure that you will still look like you is to carefully select the surgeon you use for the procedure.

By taking the time to get all of the information possible about a facelift you will be able to decide whether or not it will be a good fit for you.



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