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Cease Calorie Count And Follow These Tips To Lose Weight


Calorie counting is a simplest way of regulating your calorie or energy intake. By counting calories, you can track how much energy you’re giving your body and how much exactly does it require.

This helps you to know how much energy you should be eating, which is usually termed as calorie counting. However, if you are giving your body all the energy it needs every day, it doesn’t matter if you count those calories or not.

That’s why proper meal planning is important. Work out on the right amount of calories you’re supposed to eat every day that turns into macronutrients. Conclusively, whether you count calories or not, the only thing that matters is you can only lose weight by giving your body less energy than it burns.

The tips for losing weight without calorie counts are as follows

Remember that these strategies help you restrict your calorie intake, thus creating a daily calorie deficit and weight loss.

Replace Grain Breakfast with Proteins

Just by replacing your whole grain heavy breakfast with 2-4 eggs can simply help you lose weight. Why? People that eggs for breakfast end up eating fewer calories at lunch and other following meals.

Eggs are rich in protein and are more fulfilling that a person automatically eat fewer calories. Besides, eggs are one of the most healthy foods in the world and does not have any bad effects on our body particularly cholesterol.

Moreover, eggs are instant food, it requires only a few minutes to prepare. Therefore, just by changing your one meal you can make a huge difference in your weight loss regimen.

Proteins Are Generally Good For Burning Fat

Protein is best weight loss buddy, but I don’t know for some strange reasons it holds a bad rap. Well, many studies have confirmed that a high-protein diet results in more fat loss than relatively low -protein diets. Protein requires quite a bit more energy to get digested by the body. In this metabolic process, about 25-30% of its energy is utilized.

Simply put, when you eat protein, not much energy is left in the body to store fats or carbohydrates.

Eat Lots Of Fibrous Food

Fruits and vegetables with high water content and less calories are great for weight loss. It’s easy to judge why? Because they have more water content, this is more fulfilling. Increased fiber intake allows you to take in reduced calorie amount.

Vegetables are also rich in soluble fibers, which is also proven to result in weight loss. Soluble fiber is broken down by bacteria in digestive tract to produce fatty called butyrate, which has been significantly linked with decreasing obesity effects.

Some of the fibrous fruits and vegetables include raspberries, pears, Green peas, Broccoli, Apples, Bananas, Brussels sprouts, spinach and Oranges.

Avoid Carbs

It is one heck of a solution for weightloss without counting calories– cut down on carbs. The best way to cutting carbs from your diet is following the previous one – eat more filling foods and eliminate major carb sources from your diet like sugar, sweets, sodas, potatoes, pastas and starchy foods like bread.

Keeping your carbs intake upto 50 gm per day help to fasten up your weight loss, then filling up on more than 100gm of carbohydrates.

Cook Healthy- Change Your Cooking Oil

Currently, you probably would be cooking with soyabean or sunflower oil. Replace it with coconut oil or olive oil to reduce appetite, calories intake and increase fat burning. Coconut oil is loaded with fatty acids, which get metabolized differently as compared to other fats. These fatty acids does not increase the carbohydrates in our body, instead they are used as energy by the liver. Studies have even showed that eating these fatty acids results in reduction of 256 calories per day. Coconut oil significantly reduces the fat deposits on your waist and abdominal area.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking enough water I preached by almost all fitness or weightloss experts. That’s because increased water intake makes you feel full and helps reduce your total calorie intake. Moreover, water is also known for increasing your metabolism. Drinking 2 glasses of water considerably elevates the metabolism of our body.


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