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Can Laser Hair Removal Whiten My Underarms?


Laser hair removal is an effective way to erase unwanted hairs on the body. One of the popular body areas to have the procedure done is the arms and underarm area.

The result will be sleeker looking skin on your arms, making arm-baring clothing, especially sleeveless tops, look much better. You wouldn’t have to worry or be embarrassed about your underarms when you’re wearing sleeveless shirts.

For many women, the underarm can be an area of embarrassment due to a darker colour when compared to the rest of the arm.

Many may not know that laser hair removal procedures can help lighten your underarms. Not only can laser hair removal of the armpits erase hair growth, but it also wipes away follicles and stubble that make your underarms dark-coloured and unsightly.

Remember, the main cause of unwanted dark armpits is the growth of dark hair there.

For many women, their chosen tactic to get rid of this unwanted development is through underarm waxing. However, underarm waxing has its own drawbacks. It doesn’t truly get rid of underarm hair, but only reduces it. This means the hair will grow back and as it grows back, you will have to undergo another round of waxing, which can be annoying and uncomfortable at times.

A laser hair removal procedure can permanently erase unwanted armpit hair and the stubble that grows with it. By removing the hair, the dark colouration of the armpit will also be a thing of the past.

The light beams used by laser hair removal will attack the hair’s follicles, or roots. This light will not only kill the hair but go one step further by preventing hair from growing in again.

The procedure is safe and effective. Unlike other treatments, the results not only speak for themselves, but last for a very long time. Underarm hair removal will take about three to six treatment sessions. However, the number will vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the underarm hair, as well as its growth cycle.

It also has other benefits over traditional steps such as waxing and shaving, which can leave your skin darkened or even result in unwanted skin irritation bumps. What’s more, there isn’t a risk of your armpits developing ingrown hairs. Unlike waxing, there’s nothing to rip off, which makes laser hair removal less painful and much more effective.


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