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Bright Eyes: How to Make them Stand Out with Corrective Lenses


The way that we perceive the world influences our day-to-day lives, and that’s why eye care is so important. If we see the world as dim and foggy, then that outlook affects our attitude. But if we see the world as clear and bright, we can handle any situation, and happily. You might even already own a pair of glasses, but simply feel constrained behind them, and are looking for an easier option. Whatever reason you have for wanting to try corrective lenses, there is some information you should know.

Identify the Problem

The inability to see something up close or far away is called a refractive error. There are several signs that might point to this: blurry vision; headaches; squinting; double-vision; trouble driving at night. If you experience one or all of these symptoms, you may need corrective lenses, and you’ll have a few choices.

Types of Lenses

While there are hard lenses, most people choose to wear soft lenses, which are pliable and more comfortable. But in addition, there are three common types of soft lens:
• Single use lenses: Wear one day then throw away.
• Daily wear lenses: Wear during the day, take out at night; throw away after many weeks.
• Extended wear lenses: Wear both day and night for a number of weeks.

Are They Right for You?

Contacts aren’t right for everyone, and there are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to buy them. Some people have eye conditions or allergies that make using contacts impossible, and contact lenses also require extra work and upkeep. They may not be a good choice for you if you have:
• Allergies
• Eye infections
• Dry eyes
• Difficulty touching your eye

Healthy Eyes

If you do decide to wear contacts, you should keep them clean. Keep fresh solution, and a clean case; if your lenses rip, throw them away; always take them out at night. If you follow these general rules, lenses can be a life-changing option. Remember to choose an optometrist who has your best interest at heart like someone from All About Eyes.

If you’re sick of looking at the world through a haze, contact lenses are worth consideration. They can make your life easier and a lot more beautiful.


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