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Body Hacks To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels


Men are said to have high testosterone levels as compared to women. In fact, the hormone levels in men are way to higher than that in women. It is therefore considered to be a male hormone; a hormone that helps build muscles and helps burn away the unnecessary fats in the body. It is a hormone that helps men stay in a good mood, helps keep fat levels low and helps in maintaining a healthy sex drive.
Scientists have found that a little deficiency in the production of this hormone may have many negative effects on a persons overall health. It may result in a sudden weight gain, depression or severe heart diseases. Thus, if you are a man, and you wish to avoid all these possible health issues, it is the time now to take off some time and make sure you work towards keeping your testosterone levels high up. Let us take a look at a few natural ways that will help in keeping the levels high enough so that you may be able to lead a healthy life.


• Maintain higher levels of Vitamin D: Scientists have said that people with high levels of Vitamin D are found to have higher levels of testosterone as compared to those with lower levels. Thus, make sure you keep your Vitamin D levels high. You can do so by consuming some nutritional supplements that will give you the required vitamin or can face the early morning sunlight top absorb some naturally.
• Consume Less Sugar: Foods that contain preservatives and those that contain artificial sugars are harmful for the body. One should avoid the consumption of bread, cookies, pasta, soda and more to make sure that they cut down the sugars he is consuming. Studies have proved that a single meal that contains a lot of sugary foods may decrease the testosterone levels by about 25%. Thus, if you need to increase your testosterone hormone levels, you better keep a watch on the amount of sugar you consume.
• Consume more Beneficial Fats: Studies have shown that those men who obtain at least 40% of calories through fats have higher levels of testosterone. But, not all the kinds of fats are useful for this purpose. The body needs monounsaturated fats and saturated fats to help build enough testosterone. Therefore, consume foods that contain more of these helpful fats. You can have more of almonds, olive oil, avocados, whole egg and red meat.
• Consume natural Supplements: A number of companies are now coming up with supplements that contain various nutrients including the testosterone hormone. If you wish to consume adequate amounts of testosterone hormone, you can prefer consuming these supplements as they might provide you with the safest form of hormone in the correct proportions.


• Exercises involving Weights: Exercises have been contributing high towards the increase in the amounts of hormones being secreted. Exercises like the squats, dead lifts, Kettlebell snatches and many others that involve weights have acted well in helping people improve their testosterone levels. These exercises performed with the right amount of weights that help in performing at least 8 to 10 reps have proved to be helpful. Moreover, the lesser break taken between sets, the more effective the exercise is.
• Sprinting: Sprinting for a while, immediately after weight lifting workouts has proved to be helpful in increasing the testosterone levels. A sprint performed for just about 6 seconds, increased the hormone level considerably. Sprinting can be performed while running on a track, riding a bike or sprinting up a hill. Performing this for about 2 to 3 times a week can give the best results.


• Lead a Stress Free Life: Whatever your daily routine may be; whether you do not get enough sleep, or you do not get enough time to stay out of work, make sure you stay away from straining yourself. Work enough to get good results. But, do not overdo anything as this can lead to stress. Stress has always been a major cause of most of the diseases. Here, too, stress causes the production of cortisol hormone, which in return reduces the production of testosterone.

If you wish to see a considerable rise in the testosterone levels, make sure you fight the stress away. This can be done by taking some time off and relaxing by doing nothing. You can also practice a little meditation or yoga that will help you relax and distress your mind.
These minor changes when made in the diet, exercise and the regular lifestyle of a person can contribute in the increased testosterone levels that every man desires to have.


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