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Best Workout Gadgets For When You’re On Holiday


If you’re a fitness fanatic, then working out is your life, and just because you might be going on holiday, doesn’t mean your routine has to as well. These days there is a wide variety of technology available to ease your fitness regime whenever or wherever you are. Generally, you’ll find that the more gadgets you can incorporate into your routine, the more effortlessly you’ll be able to maintain and enjoy your lifestyle. What’s even better is that the majority of these gadgets are portable so you can take them on holiday with ease, your workout routine won’t know any different. Now all you need to do is renew your EHIC, book your tickets and check your passport is still valid.


These nifty little cameras have become a must in recording sporting footage. GoPro’s are versatile, lightweight, often come complete with a strap so you can wear it around your head and capture the excitement of your workout, it can also double up and capture your holiday footage too.

Electronic Food Scale

Nutrition is the most important part of a serious workout regime and this means keeping set, measured portions. The number one rule of food prep is that you weigh everything. If you’re serious about your results, then you don’t want to get caught without a scale.

EasyGo Powder Dispenser and Funnel

How many times have you measured out two or three portions of your whey protein so you can take it with you to mix later, only to end up spilling most of it? Well that needs not happen anymore with a dispenser and funnel. The EasyGo dispenser can hold up to 200g of powder (6-7 servings) and you can dispense half a serving with each twist. The design is rugged, durable and dishwasher safe. With the EasyGo you can ensure no more spillages or messy clean up. No mess, no fuss.

Fitbit Activity Tracker Wristband

Lately it seems like everybody and their dog has a Fitbit. Your personal coach that you wear like a watch and records how many steps you’ve taken every day, the distance you’ve travelled and how many calories you’ve burned in the process. It is water resistant and records the duration and quality of your sleep and has a silent wake-up alarm feature. The Fitbit even prompts you to drink water and to move around if you’ve not been active for some time. All the bossiness of a real personal trainer, but this one never sleeps and can’t be sacked.

Rumble Roller Beastie Massage Ball

Sore muscles are an inevitability when you workout hard and often. The Beastie Massage Ball is perfect for dealing with those tight hamstrings. The prickly edges of the ball get deep into the grooves and promote muscle integrity. It comes fixed to base that prevents the ball from rolling, this facilitates more controlled massage techniques and allows you to work off the side of the Beastie to generate higher shear forces in the muscle tissue. Yes it hurts, but it’s a good hurt.


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