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The Best Swimming Routine to Lose Weight Quickly


The best strategy for losing weight involves designing a diet of healthy foods, careful portion control and regular exercise to burn calories. If workouts at the gym are not your cup of tea, consider swimming as a way to provide full-body toning, while helping you to lose weight. Swimming uses all muscles of the body, and the water itself provides the weight that helps to maximize the effects. If you’ve recently installed a home pool from a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas recently, check out these tips on using swimming as part of your weight loss program.

Swimming for Weight Loss

Experts recommend starting slowly, because swimming uses the heart, lungs and muscles in a different way than other exercise forms. You are unlikely to spend a full hour in continuous swimming without feeling exhausted after a few minutes. Instead, break your routine in a number of sections, with brief rests in-between. For example, swim four laps, and take a short break. Switch to another stroke and do four more. Take a short break, and then, try another stroke. You will feel as if you have accomplished a complete full-body workout at the end of the hour.


In this stroke, you push the arms out from the center of the chest in a sweeping motion. The legs move outward in a frog-kick motion. This motion is good for toning arms, upper chest, inner thighs and buttocks. It takes a significant amount of body motion and is good for burning calories.


The backstroke involves lying on one’s back on the surface of the water, windmilling the arms in a backward motion to provide propulsion. The legs flutter kick as in the standard forward swimming stroke. This stroke uses a considerable amount of energy for calorie burning and helps to tighten the abdomen.

Doggie Paddle

If the formalized strokes begin to get boring, you can mix it up by releasing your inhibitions and using a simple doggie paddle. This form uses a minimum of head dunking, but still provides a good workout for arms and legs. Push off from the pool edge keeping your chin and head high, letting your chest do the bulk of the flotation. Extend the arms forward with palms down, pushing the water in a circular motion. Kick legs in a fluttering movement.

For burning calories, swimming offers a number of advantages as an exercise strategy. It involves no impact to sensitive joints, improves cardiovascular function, enhances lung function and uses parts of the body that are easily neglected in other types of exercise. If you start slowly and build your endurance, you will find that swimming is both effective and enjoyable for your weight loss goals.

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