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Are Tongue Retaining Devices Effective?


Tongue retaining device (TRD) is an anti snoring device with a suction in front of the device that pulls the tongue in a forward position. The suction provides a vacuum for easily pulling your tongue in when you put your tongue in the device. The purpose of pulling the tongue forward is to prevent it from collapsing and blocking the air flow into the air way. If the tongue falls back, it can cause obstruction in the upper air way. If your upper airway is obstructed, you may have breathing difficulty and have a hard time to breathe in the air in your sleep. This can cause soft palate vibration which is the snoring noises heard in your sleep.

To stop snoring, you should wear the tongue retaining device in your sleep throughout the night to stop snoring. It will not cause any discomfort and you will be able go to sleep in peace while wearing it. Tongue retaining device is effective for treating patients with tongues that extend beyond the lips for example those who have big tongue. If you have large tonsil, the TRD is also a good option for you. People suffering from mild to moderate OSA who score an AHI in between 5 – 30.

The benefit of tongue retaining device is that you don’t have to choose the right size to ensure it fits comfortably in your mouth. This is because it can be molded to the shape of your teeth. To mold the TRD, you must first use warm water to rinse it. Next, you must pinch the front part of the device and gently push your tongue in. You can let go when the tongue completely enters into the suction and touches the side. If you need to make more rooms in the device for the tongue, you can squeeze the upper and lower bulbs. Here is the source!.

One of the downside of using a tongue retaining device is that it can cause excessive salivation. You may experience excessive salivation during the first week. After you get used to the device, you will notice that this symptom slowly goes away on its own. This allows you to continue using the tongue retaining device without any interruption. Another downside is that it can cause difficulty in swallowing. If you have this issue, you can try to move your tongue slightly out of the device so that it is more flexible. The difficulty in swallowing symptom can reduced when you experience lesser salivation.

You need to wear the tongue retaining device for some time in order to completely eliminate the snoring problems. Everyone has a unique snoring problem. You can give it a try and see if it works on helping you to get rid of your snoring problems.

Tongue retaining device is a non invasive anti snoring device supported by many clinical trials. In many studies, the participants reportedly experience significantly lesser snoring episodes. It is easy to use and has a much smaller size compared to the  the mandibular advancement device. The small size of the device makes people with snoring problem to not see it an extreme method of dealing with snoring.You should use a TRD if you or your partner is experiencing poor sleep quality because of snoring.

The tongue retaining device is ideal for people who don’t want to wear a mandibular advancement device. If you don’t mind keeping something on your mouth, the tongue retaining device will be suitable for you. The TRD is lightweight and you will not feel it heavy on your tongue. It does not put any pressure on your teeth unlike mandibular advancement device which you have to wear it on your teeth. Besides, it is cheap and most people can afford it without any problem. The tongue retaining device is not suitable for people who need something to hold their jaw forward to clear up the air way.


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