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Anti-Ageing Treatment Tips with No-Frills Natural Components


Ageing skin is a menace. It lowers your self esteem in ways more than one and you would now that it has started when one fine day you catch yourself fixing your eyes at someone glowing in all her youthful glory and you can only mournfully sigh. To speak the truth, we all have been there or else are going to someday soon and once you have entered that phase there is no going back, or is there? Is there really some positive way to preserve or revitalize the youthful quality of human skin, or avert the damages caused due to long exposure to the harsh rays of the sun, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle?

Anybody aware of the market will know about the horde of new beauty creams that are released every year from different labels roughly promising blemish removal, skin brightening, smoothening wrinkles and a number of other largely sought after dermal benefits. The scope of effects from these beauty creams remains limited and unpredictable. These products are gradually running out of favour also due to growing reports of negative side effects and unsuitability to individual skin types. These creams are also largely without approved by medical certification. With the gradual decline in the demands for facial creams, both surgical and non surgical wrinkle treatments are beginning to rank on the top. All these above mentioned solutions— age-lift creams cosmetic surgery and corrective cosmetic treatments—have their share of benefits and disadvantages. However the first recommendations on the topic by the world’s best stylists, aestheticians and clinical dermatologists go for incredibly simple natural methods. You cannot expect a fountain of youth to install you with an ageless look but these undemanding advices may be the next best thing—

Massage with Sesame Oil

Massage with Sesame OilOrganically rich sesame seed oil is widely available at any health food store. Buy a month’s stock of sesame oil and apply all over the body every day. Starting the day with sesame oil massage will keep your blood system vigorously active and you will feel awake and energetic immediately. The moisture content is very high in this particular herbal oil and this will benefit your skin positively by restoring the lost hydration. Ageing skin degrades due to its incapacity to hold moisture, giving rise to wrinkles and this can be helped very well with the goodness of sesame. Wrinkle reduction treatments like removal with Botulinum Toxin or filling with hyaluronic acid are the clinical alternatives of this natural elixir.

Fish Oil


Improve the function of your hearth and immunity system to keep the signs of ageing at bay. Consider keeping anti-inflammatory omega-3 fish oil in your diet. Taking a punch of it in the early morning and at around night time will improve the heart condition and boost blood circulation making resulting in suppler skin quality.

Cut Down Sugar Consumption


Avoid white sugar. This form of processed saccharin speeds up ageing. Weakening of collagen—the substance that gives your face the much required volume, is resultant of prolonged consumption of processed white sugar. Once this damage is done, ushering in premature wrinkle and sagging skin, it could only be fixed by dermal filling—the best anti wrinkle treatment for the purpose.

Egg Pack

Anti-ageing elements such as omega3 fatty acid, proteins, zinc and the egg white can unleash a storm in a face pack which may potentially erase all the fine lines and blemish marks caused by age. The yolk contains a compound called the “biotin”—an essential vitamin for nourishing the body with an unmatched glow. It effectively helps the fat production in the body and successfully repairs damaged skin and thus keep the wrinkles away. The loose and flagging condition of the ageing skin is helped by egg too. It tightens and enhances the elasticity to a very great degree.

Carrot and Potato Pack

Yes, the orange vegetable which seemingly makes rabbits drool is also a great source of Vitamin A and this category of Vitamin boosts the collagen level in the skin to a great degree, tightening the texture and preventing a further burst of wrinkles. This mixed with potato will be a good potion for smoothening and the upper dermal layer and wrinkles will be reduced effectively too.


Author Bio: Ishbel Straker is a fully qualified NMC registered Nurse, who has the first hand experience of receiving the wrinkle reduction treatments from the top clinics in London. Her recommendations regarding the best anti wrinkle treatment have always been excellent.


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