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Alcohol Abuse and Your Health: 6 Side Effects That Might Surprise You


You may think that having a few drinks every now and then is no big deal. If you are in otherwise good health, you also may believe that the alcohol that you consume has no real impact on your body. However, even just a few drinks can impact your health in a variety of noticeable ways. This alcohol detox center explains that alcohol can have these six surprising effects on your overall health and your body.

Raised Glucose Levels

Many alcoholic drinks like beer contain high amounts of sugar. When you drink, this sugar causes your blood sugar to spike. Habitual drinks are at a greater risk of diabetes. You may not develop diabetes when you are younger; however, as you age and continue to drink, you could develop this serious health condition.

Involuntary Eye Movements

Drinking can cause your eyes to move involuntarily. While you are driving yourself home after a night of drinking, you may notice that you cannot focus your eyes on the road. Shifty eye movement is one of the primary factors behind DUI charges. Your erratic driving, caused in part because of your involuntary eye movements, tips police off to your inebriation. You then find yourself in the position of needing to hire a criminal defense lawyer like the ones from Druyon Law who can offer you a free consultation and help you avoid the worst legal ramifications of driving under the influence.

Tooth Rot

As noted, alcohol contains high amounts of sugar. If you fail to brush your teeth after a binge, you could cause your own teeth to rot. Rotten teeth is a hallmark physical identifier in alcoholics, in fact. Alcohol also causes mouth problems like canker sores.


It surprises people to read in reports that alcohol can cause malnutrition. However, it interferes with your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients and calories. If you drink obsessively, you could in essence starve yourself and succumb to malnutrition.

Brittle Bones

Alcohol also deprives your bones of nutrients like phosphate and calcium. After you spend years drinking on a regular basis, you put yourself at risk of develop osteoporosis. In fact, your skeleton effectively shrinks because your bones lose density and strength. Many alcoholics break bones easier and succumb to fall-related injuries.

Nerve Damage

Alcohol causes you to lose sensation in your extremities. When you are drunk, your fingers and toes may feel cold. Alternatively, your extremities may hurt because of your drinking.

Alcohol impacts your health in many different ways. These six surprising effects take place in your body whenever you take a drink. The ramifications only worsen when addiction with alcohol is involved.



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