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AfterDrink Natural Hangover Remedy Review


Are you looking for something to take the edge off your hangovers? There are a new breed of supplements on the market today which help soften your hangovers.

There are a few new products on the market today with ingredients backed by research to help with the typical hangover symptoms. These combined with the usual rituals such as keeping hydrated and eating before you go out are key to preventing bad hangovers. (can link this to the other article – 10 best hangover cures)

We have tested AfterDrink which is a UK based hangover product that boasts to be the leading product in the field.

How AfterDrink Works?

All hangover supplements aim to boost the antioxidants in your system so that your liver can deal with the harmful by-products produced from the breakdown of alcohol.

The main culprit is Acetaldehyde. This is produced when alcohol is metabolised by the liver to produce energy. However your liver can only process this compound at relatively slow rate. Thats why even a few drinks can sometimes give you a hangover.

If left unchecked, acetaldehyde will build up giving typical symptoms of flushing, fast heart rate, nausea and generally feeling rough.

AfterDrink works by refuelling the body with antioxidants to deal with the oxidative damage caused by acetaldehyde to reduce the hangover after effects.

Our thoughts?

A few of us in the office tested AfterDrink and felt that it left us with reduced symptoms of nausea and we had some more energy than we usually would have.

I personally thought it helped with the classical brain fog / slow function that i always get the next day after a night of drinking which stops me from catching up with my work.

Overall it took the edge off our hangovers which was more than we initially expected. Therefore AfterDrink gets an all round thumbs up from us

Why use a hangover supplements?

We have all had a fair few unproductive lazy weekends in our life as we nurture our hangovers. As we get older, we all feel the effects even more. Its time we take back our Sundays!

If you’re struggling with hangovers, and the usual rehydration tactics are not working for you, a hangover supplement could be exactly what you’ve been missing.

There is no such thing as a hangover cure, but adding a quality supplement packed with antioxidants will certainly add to hangover recovery process.

Find out more on the AfterDrink website here.


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