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6 Ways to Lose Weight Instantly


Losing weight is one of the most desirable wishes and challenging activities to do around the world. However, it is not hopeless. According to some of the world’s leading mystics, weight loss is a mind game more than body game. Even in the case of losing weight, you need to be sure that you are mentally prepared to lose weight before you start with the physical efforts. It is the mind that you had to convince before you convince your body to move in the right direction. After getting your conscience ready to lose weight, you should try the following 5 essential tips to lose weight instantly.

  1. Drink as Much Water as You Can!

Water constitutes about 70% of your body weight. In order to make your body friendlier with water and less friendly towards unwanted fats, you should consume as much water as you can. Drinking glasses and jugs of plain water during different hours of the day would not help you in a longer run. Instead of drinking plain water excessively, you should try consuming water in other ways. In order to cleanse your body daily, eat detox solutions as much as possible. In addition, you can include around 2-3 citrus fruits in your daily diet to cover up the excessive need of water in your body.

  1. Avoid Desserts!

Ample of your body weight will stay normal if you are able to avoid desserts and food items rich in sugary stuff rather than all the other food items of your day. Fats in body can readily accumulate when you eat food items that are rich in sugar and starch stuff. One of the best ways to lose weight is to avoid desserts after meal. If you leave rooms for desserts in your meal then stop leaving it. Try to consume more savory food or drink loads of water before eating your meal to cover up for the room of dessert. Avoiding sugary stuff will make you cut down extra calories very easily and it will also lessen your craving for sweetness.

  1. Add More Green!

Fruits and vegetables are essential to life and they are very helpful in making your body fit rather than obese. Everybody loves turkey, chicken and stakes but it is time for you to say yes to more greens in your diet rather than meaty food items. You can make a plan for yourself, where you can eat meat or chicken once a month or in 3 weeks but during rest of the time, eat more vegetables. The best way to eat more vegetables is to drink more soups and prefer eating food items that are rich in vegetables rather than the ones that have meat as the star of the dish.

  1. Exercise or Simply Move!

One big reason for people to fail in losing weight is their fear about exercising. Exercising is difficult because people make it so. Usually obese people wonder that by exercising it means that one should wake up too early in the morning and end up doing heavy workout till 2 hours or until they literally turn out of breadth. It is a myth; do not make yourself believe that! You can lose weight by exercising but exercising can be as simple as moving yourself calmly for home chores or office tasks. You can even go out on a walk with a partner and take some fresh air. All these activities will do your part of exercising.

  1. Use of HGH:

Research show that human growth hormone has a positive effect on weight loss. Losing weight is all about conditioning your body to work in some ways. HGH speeds up your metabolism and helps you in burning fat much faster and effectively. So taking HGH is directly linked with losing weight. Check for reference.

  1. Keep Calm & Meditate!

A lot of people associate yoga or any other meditation therapy as rocket science of mind, however, it is nothing but staying calm. For about 15-20 minutes, try to relax your body and mind in comfortable physical and mental posture. You can always increase or decrease the time as per your ease but what is more important is that you learn to relax yourself and it will automatically affect your body weight.


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