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6 Meals That Will Help Recovery After a Good Workout


Repairing the body after a strenuous workout is essential for nutrition alongside fitness. Creating post-workout meals can be easy and flavorful, and there are many meals available. Take a look at some of the most popular natural method for recovering after a strenuous workout.


Turkey Sandwich

A cold cut sandwich is easy to make, and it takes no adjustment to eat regularly as most people are accustomed to having them. A turkey sandwich with tomato provides protein, vitamin C and light salt to replace that lost when sweating. Add any extra veggies to make the sandwich fresher.


Ginger and Chicken Stir Fry

Making a stir fry is an easy way to consume multiple nutrients at one time. A ginger stir fry with chicken and bell peppers provides protein, vitamin C and the benefit of enhanced metabolism. Sauté diced chicken before adding in fresh ginger. Add in sliced or diced bell pepper, and pour it over brown rice for added texture or volume.


Protein Smoothie With Spirulina

A protein smoothie consists of protein powder, a base and spirulina. The protein helps rebuild muscles while spirulina is a “superfood” that adds protein as well as fatty acids. Make the smoothie by adding a base such as yogurt or coconut milk then adding the protein powder, spirulina and honey. You can use a nut butter instead of protein powder.


Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

A peanut butter and honey sandwich is a quick treat that provides the protein from peanut butter with the sweetness of honey. This treat is easy to make by adding peanut butter to one or both pieces of bread and drizzling honey over the peanut butter. You can even toast the Klosterman Baking Company bread beforehand to add to the texture. This combination is sure to give you a quick jolt of energy and help you recover quickly from a workout.



Salmon is one of the most nutritious varieties of seafood available. It provides omega 3s for the heart and protein needed for recovery. You can steam or bake the fish and add sides such as broccoli for additional benefits. Don’t neglect this healthy meal option as it can seriously amp up your energy levels.


Salad with Boiled Eggs

A salad comprised of spinach, boiled eggs and black beans offers a load of protein in addition to fiber to fill you up. Cook the beans and eggs in advance before adding them to a bowl of spinach. Add tomato, onion and a light dressing for more flavor.


Eating well after an exercise routine is just as important as eating a balanced diet through every other meal. There are various recipes to try that are light yet capable of refueling the body after a workout. Try to alternate meals and experiment to find ones you prefer the most.



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