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6 HIIT Workouts that Help Burn Fat


Getting the most out of your workout is always the most important principle of any fat-burning regime. There’s nothing quite like feeling that healthy burn that signifies that your body’s working hard to use flab for fuel. One of the best ways to help your body burn that fat is to use high-intensity interval training. This form of cardiovascular exercise focuses on maximizing your body’s energy expenditure with intervals of low- and high-intensity exercises. Below are the six best HIIT workouts that will help you reach your fat-burning goals.

1. The Leg Workout

For this workout, start with ten repetitions of each exercise. When you complete one set, jump rope for three minutes, then repeat the next subsequent set with 15, 20 and 25 reps before jumping rope again.

  • Perform each of the following exercises: burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks.

Ensure that your form stays superb during each of these exercises to prevent injury to your knees or legs.

2. The Conditioning Workout

No workout is complete unless it conditions your body for tougher environments, which includes more strenuous types of exercise. This workout does so by employing some raw exercises that you can undertake with little investment in terms of equipment.

  • There are only two exercises in this workout: a rope movement using a 50-foot rope and hitting a sledgehammer against a tire as fast as possible.

You’ll perform the first exercise by wrapping the rope around something so that you have two 25-foot lengths of rope for each of your hands. You’ll do this for 30 seconds before resting for fifteen seconds. You’ll then do the second exercise for 30 seconds before resting for 60 seconds. Repeat this two to five times to complete your workout.

3. The Whole-Body Workout

This workout focuses on getting you to move your entire body as much as possible. You should exaggerate your movements as much as is safe for your level of physical experience to maximize the energy you use.

Each of the following exercises should be conducted for 45 seconds each with a 15-second break before the next exercise. Repeat each set three times.

  • The exercises are: side lunges, lateral jumps, plank pushups, chest dips.

4. The Thorough Workout

This workout aims to thoroughly expend every drop of energy your muscles have stored to foster glycogen restoration, which is a fancy way of saying that it will help burn fat on a macro scale rather than in one area.

When you perform this workout, alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

  • The exercises in this workout are: jump rope, push-ups, burpees, renegade rows, lunges and planks. You can add inclined treadmill sprints or incline jogging if you have an appropriate place available to do so.

5. The Rugged Workout

This workout aims at building strength in your upper body. You’ll need a sled loaded with weights and a kettlebell appropriate for your current conditioning.

Push the sled for 30 yards, then swing the kettlebell 25 times. Rest for 90 seconds, then proceed to repeat these exercises two to four times.

It’s important to remember that you should only use weights appropriate for your unique situation. Anything more may result in injury, and anything less may result in significantly fewer gains.

6. The Jogging Workout

The last workout focuses on intensity during jogging. It’s designed to be accessible to anyone with a moderate level of fitness.

You’ll start by jogging for five minutes as a warm-up. Keep it at a brisk pace, but don’t overdo it. You’ll then increase your speed until your heart rate hovers at 85% of your peak heart rate before slowing back down to a brisk jog or walk that puts your heart rate at 65% of your peak heart rate.

A monitor is invaluable to have during this, but it’s not a requirement. Keep in mind that you will need to also determine the appropriate time for this, as this type of workout routine needs to be personalized to you to prevent injury and maximize fat burning.

Burning Fat Rapidly With HIIT

High-intensity interval workouts hold the promise to provide you with gains that help burn fat rapidly while increasing your overall level of fitness. You might consider incorporating some type of supplementation into your regime to really amp it up. For example, buying Phentermine online is a great way to shed weight fast.

It’s important to remember that you should only push yourself as much as you feel comfortable, otherwise you may injure yourself or make it possible to gain more fat than you lose. That’s why you should always exercise responsibly, but it’s even more important with HIIT.


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