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6 Foods That Are Good For Muscle Development


Bodybuilders look great. Their bodies are well toned and they appear not to have fats within their structures. We all admire them and this has been one of the reasons why most people hit the gym. People lift weights and engage in all manner of exercises just to lose weight and put up the muscles but the results are not always impressive. Some have no muscles to show for their efforts and this is not for a lack of trying. Diet plays an important role in muscles development and most trainers overlook it in their quest to achieve the perfect bodies. This article takes a look at some of the foods that if made part of a trainer’s diet will help them build muscles effectively.

  1.      Avocados.

Avocados are great for muscle development. This is because they are full of healthy fats that are needed in the development and repair of muscular tissues. Most would imagine that since their main objective is to lose weight, they should stay away from anything with fat in it but that is not true. Fats are needed to ensure that the muscles function properly after a workout or any other strenuous activity and individuals should make sure that they take enough fats in their diet for this purpose. The fats in avocados are also of the healthy type and they will not clog your arteries or bring about any complications even when you consume lots of them. Avocados play other roles in the body such as increasing the metabolism in the body and this will help individuals burn more body fats when exercising. They also reduce the risk of suffering cancers and this will ensure that you are fit, healthy and free of diseases.

  1.      Pure protein drinks.

You need a lot of proteins to build muscles in the body and your meals should be biased towards the same if this what you hope to achieve from your workouts. Plant and animals proteins are ideal in this regard but they are always not sufficient. This is because you only get to consume them during meal times such as lunch and dinner and this is always not enough. Individuals looking to take their muscle development to the next level should invest in pure protein drinks that are ready to drink. Such drinks will provide you with all the proteins that you need to work out effectively. Most of these drinks taste great and this makes taking them a pleasure. They are also packed with healthy sugars and starch and this will provide you with the energy you need to push yourself further as you work out. Check this review here to find an excellent protein drink for your workout objectives.

  1.      Chocolate milk.

You need to work out vigorously to build muscles. You need to push yourself further and harder to gain the huge muscles that you dream of. A vigorous workout, however, will leave you dehydrated and exhausted. When this happens, you need a drink to restore the lost moisture in your body and to get you energized and chocolate is one of the best drinks in this regard. Chocolate milk contains healthy sugars that will help you regain the lost energy after a vigorous workout. It will, therefore, ensure that you are fresh and energized to go about other activities in your life. It also tastes great and you will definitely enjoy its cocoa flavor. Other benefits of chocolate milk include the development of strong bones due to the presence of calcium in cocoa. Calcium also improves body metabolism and this will ensure that you are active even after a vigorous session in the gym.

  1.      Green tea.

Green tea is another drink that will help you with your workout objectives. Free radicals develop in the body after exercising that cause inflammation and muscle soreness. This creates a lot of discomfort and pain that may scare individuals from continuing with their training regimes. Green tea fights these radicals and this ensures that you are fresh and free of pain after a workout. Green tea also fights free radicals on the skin that cause inflammation on the skin and those who make this their preferred post-workout drink will be able to boast of smooth and flawless skin. It is also the best post workout drink for vegetarian bodybuilders.

  1.      Lean beef.

Any bodybuilder will tell you that beef is the secret to effective bodybuilding. The proteins in beef help repair and build the muscles. It is no secret that the muscles wear out as you work out and without a steady supply of proteins, you will not be able to sustain your exercises. Those looking to build muscles should, therefore, ensure that they eat as much proteins as they can and beef is the best sources of these vital proteins. Since you will be taking a lot of beef, you should ensure that the beef is lean so as to reduce your cholesterol intake. Cholesterol clogs arteries and heart muscles and this could bring about other challenges when you take a lot of beef that is not lean. Lean beef also contains zinc and other essentials elements such a vitamin B that are helpful to the body.

  1.      Skinless chicken.

Chicken is another food item that is good for muscle development. Chicken is rich in proteins that are needed for the development and repair of muscles. The fact that chicken is white meat means that it contains a lot less cholesterol than red meat and this makes it the best type of protein for those working out to develop muscles. Individuals should, however, take the chicken without its skin as the skin contains a lot of fat that are not good for healthy muscle development. Prepare the chicken with other vegetables and healthy oils for the best workout diet.


Working out vigorously is not enough if you want to build muscles. You also need to eat well and above are some of the things that you should eat for effective muscle development.


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