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6 Beneficial Home Remedies to Get Longer Eyelashes


Beautiful eyes are a major feature of a woman’s beauty. One’s eyes aren’t complete without dense, long and dark eyelashes. Lashes play a vital role in adding a dramatic appeal to one’s eyes. Who would not want longer and beautiful looking lashes? Every woman wants dark and thick eyelashes. However, this wish doesn’t come true for all women. Due to scanty eyelashes, women take the aid of lash extensions and mascaras to get voluminous lashes. However, these temporary solutions tend to weaken the eyelashes further. Read along to know about permanent and natural ways to grow long and dark lashes. Apart from home remedies, Careprost eye drops also help to add volume to your eyelashes. Buy Careprost online and try out the below mentioned effective home remedies to enhance the beauty of your long eyelashes.

– Natural Serums:

Home-made natural serums help to grow beautiful long eyelashes. The serums stimulate and fasten the lash growth process. It also helps to maintain and take care of your long eyelashes. There are many different types of serums one can make to get luscious eyelashes. You can make use of the two natural masks mentioned below.

 – Vitamin E and Burdock oil:

This serum includes a mixture of Vitamin E and burdock oil that helps to moisturize and luster the eyelashes. Make a mask by mixing these two ingredients and condition your lashes. This serum helps to grow thick and long eyelashes naturally.

– Aloe Vera, Burdock, and Castor oil:

Mix equal proportions of aloe vera, castor, and burdock oil together to create a beneficial serum to grow long eyelashes. Apply this serum daily to your eyelashes and get long, dark and thick lashes. To soften and condition your lashes add a few drops of Vitamin E to the serum mixture. This tip keeps your eyelashes lustrous and soft.

– Wash off your Mascara:

Don’t forget to wash off the eye-makeup and that mascara while sleeping. No matter how late you are returning from a dinner party or are tired, it is necessary that you remove your makeup at night. Keeping eye-make up at night, especially mascara clogs the pores of the eyelids. It slows down the process of the eyelashes and weakens the existing ones. Also, leaving mascara and make-up overnight is known to cause eye infections due to the chemicals used in makeup products if worn for a long time.

– Careprost Eye Drops:

These eye drops are formulated with bimatoprost, an active agent that helps to stimulate and boost the growth of eyelashes. Doctors usually recommend Careprost to individuals with scanty or no lashes. These eye drops help you to grow thick, long and dark eyelashes. Apply them once daily or according to the prescription of the doctor. One can buy Careprost from any online pharmacy website.

– Avoid Rubbing:

Excessive rubbing your eyes is one of the known causes of eyelash loss. Apart from the beauty aspect of eyelashes, they protect the eyes from dust particles. If you experience, any irritation or itchy feeling in the eyes consider washing them and avoid rubbing the eyes. It is essential that one handles their lashes with gentleness, which helps reduce the breakage of eyelashes.

– Natural Oils:

One of the best natural remedies to grow long eyelashes is to use natural oils. Oils like castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil provide moisture to your eyelids. Natural oils condition the eyelid pores and stimulates eyelash growth. Readily available in your kitchen these oils will help improve the growth of your eyelashes. The nutrients present in these oils strengthens your lashes and gets you voluminous lashes. For best results, apply any of these oils before sleeping.

Following the tips mentioned above will help to get natural and mesmerizing eyelashes. Why opt for artificial methods when you can get beautiful lashes naturally? Before you buy Careprost online from a pharmacy website make sure you consult your doctor. The eye drops work brilliantly, if used appropriately. So, start your lash care routine today for healthy, dark, and long eyelashes.


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