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5 Ways You Can Manage Muscle Pain and Soreness from Workouts


It’s been a long day and you just want to go home and have a relaxing work out before laying down for bed. Wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple? One of the key factors that hold people back from exercising is the inevitable fact that they will have sore muscles afterwards. People start normally feeling sore around the next day after using their muscles in a new way. The good news is that this will only happen for the first couple of times until your newly-used muscles get used to your exercise routine. Here are five ways to make this process a little more bearable and less painful.

Take a Cold Bath or Shower

Cold water is known to relax your muscles and help fasten muscle repair. If you take a relaxing bath, you can get some therapy soap to help out. According to sports medicine there are many reason why taking an ice bath after a heavy workout can help you recover quicker. One of which is that it can constrict your blood vessels and help flush waste products from an extreme workout out of your body.

Treat Them with Medication

For immediate relief, an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel works best to treat your sore muscles. Most people take an anti-inflammatory drug just like aspirin or ibuprofen to help ease the discomfort of the soreness. Muscle pain that happens quickly and feels intense is a sign that you have injured yourself. Be sure that you know the difference between having an injury and just having sore muscles.

Use Lotion or Icy Hot Relief

If you go to your local supermarket you can find several different kinds of muscle pain relief products. They all work and can be used as an alternative to medication. Rub it into your muscles and let the heat and coolness do their thing.


It would be best to stretch before a workout to prevent any lingering soreness. Stretching can get your muscles used to the type of workout that they will be doing. Stretching helps prepare your muscles for working out and can prevent injuries.

Get a Massage

Many people find relief in muscle soreness by getting a massage. There are many different kinds of massages available, including Thai massages and even acupuncture. Thai massages and different kinds of Chinese massages are all designed to help with muscle pain and focus on the parts of your body that are feeling sore.

Kinesiology Tape

Using KT Tape during your workouts can give you the support and confidence needed to excel. The external support provided by this type of tape can facilitate stronger firing of muscles and tendons due, in part, to proprioception. With its pre-cut shape it is fast and easy to apply before a workout.

Always remember that just because your muscles or joints are sore does not mean that your body has had enough exercise or is tired. Many people stop their exercising due to the soreness, but that does not help matters. If you are feeling sore, take it as a good sign that your body is becoming more fit and do not stop your exercise plan. How are you going to remain fit and healthy by giving up when you become sore? Perseverance is the key.


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