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5 Ways Diet and Exercise can Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is an extremely common medical condition in males. Fortunately for men, treatment of this cancer is often effective. If you’re worried about the risk of this cancer, there are some ways in which you can help minimize your risk on your own. Taking control of your exercise patterns and diet, for example, can often help keep prostate cancer at bay.

Plant Fat vs. Animal Fat

If you consume a higher amount of fat derived from plants than animals, then you may minimize your prostate cancer chances. Animal fats are linked to higher odds of developing prostate cancer. Examples of products that include animal fats are butter and lard. If you want to reduce your prostate cancer risk, use olive oil to cook instead of butter, for example.

Obesity and Prostate Cancer

A healthy body weight can also protect people from prostate cancer. If you exercise regularly and keep your weight healthy, then your chances of getting this cancer are lower. Obese men who have BMIs (Body Mass Indexes) that are at least 30 tend to be prone to prostate cancer. If you want to decrease your chances of getting prostate cancer, aim to get exercise five days a week or so. When you work out, try to do so for half an hour. If you have any questions about which types of exercise may be good for you, consult with your doctor.

Vegetable and Fruit Consumption

If you don’t get sufficient vegetables and fruits in your diet, then you may be vulnerable to prostate cancer. These things are packed with nutrients and vitamins that can lower your chances of getting prostate cancer, after all. The more vegetables and fruits you take in, the less likely you’ll be to eat other types of foods, too, notably foods that are particularly fatty. If you want to defend yourself from the possibilities of prostate cancer, munch on veggies and fruits when you feel the urge to have a snack.

Fish Intake

Fatty fish that has omega-3 fatty acids is associated with protection from prostate cancer. Help keep prostate cancer out of your life by eating more herring, tuna and salmon in your diet. Flaxseed is yet another good omega-3 source.

Reduce Your Fat Consumption

If you want to minimize your prostate cancer risk, curb your fat intake. Males who consume fatty diets are often believed to get prostate cancer more often than others. When you shop, reach for low-fat dairy items and lean meat cuts, for example.

If you’re truly serious about protection against prostate cancer, talk to your doctor about what you can do. If you ever get a prostate cancer diagnosis, don’t panic either. There are many effective treatment options for this condition from places like International HIFU. Treatment choices include radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy and high intensity focused ultrasound therapy.


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