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5 Useful Tricks To Fast Muscle Building


Give a lift; find ways to maximize your training time. Most individual go with muscle building in same way. Lift till particular muscle group feel to explode and than have a protein shake. Here are few tricks to accelerate your muscle building progress.

  1. Exercise the complexes

A way to stimulate muscular growth is to superset 2 exercises for same muscle groups, in different fashion. For instance, do dead-lift for 6 reps and then a discontinuous broad jump for 8 reps. This activates hamstrings, glutes and quads with low velocity stimulus then high load followed by a high velocity stimulus and then low load. First exercise will enhance the neural drive for the second one, thus activating the maximal muscle fibers in that muscle group.

  1. The Heavy Negatives

Muscles are actually stronger eccentrically than concentrically. Therefore stimulus is limited by concentric strength. It is easy to control a bar down to chest while doing bench press then pushing it up back.

Doing heavy negatives above your concentric 1 rep max will optimally stimulate the muscle in eccentric motion. This is particularly effective for chin-ups, squats and bench pressing. This method can be used with arms by combining exercises such as dumbbell close grip bench press for positive, then a dumbbell skull crusher for negative phase. You can also do a dumbbell hang clean for positive and dumbbell biceps curl for negative phase.

  1. Minimize the conditioning

Doing too much conditioning is the biggest mistake. Our body just adapt to so many stressors. Too much conditioning can increase cortisol levels i.e. catabolic breakdown hormones. For individuals who are hard gainers, burning extra calories can make it difficult for them to add muscle mass.

  1. Timed Sets

Heavy sets that last from 30 to 70 second are perfect for muscle growth. Conventional training program, suggest Turbulence Training for a specific count of reps/set as an indirect method for reaching particular time under tension lengths. Actually most individuals perform sets of 10 reps in just 15 seconds. Doing timed sets carefully ensures that the muscles are stimulated for time compulsory for hypertrophy stimulation and can be very taxing on your nervous system.

  1. Perform multi-joint exercises

Most individual spend much time on single joint workout such as dumbbell curl or chest fly geared toward limiting a muscle and they get a pump. Doing little isolation exercise is fine and perhaps necessary, most of your program should include multi-joint exercise such as chin ups, dead-lifts, lunges and dumbbell chest presses. This stimulate more muscle mass per rep and increases the production of anabolic hormone.


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