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5 Tricks to Make Your Workouts More Effective


For some health enthusiasts, it is not starting the workout or getting to the gym that it is the hard part. Many simply find themselves struggling with a lack of intensity or a desire to end the workout as soon as they start. Luckily, upping the effectiveness of any workout may only require a handful of tricks that will allow anyone to break through their fitness plateau.


Time Your Pre-Workout Meal

Getting the timing right before a workout can make all the difference when it comes to energy and intensity levels as well as intestinal comfort. While everyone is slightly different, most want to plan for a meal 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes before the workout with a blend of both carbohydrates and protein. Studies have also shown that caffeine and a very small amount of sugar can improve workouts results as well.


Integrate Functional Movements

The most effective weightlifting movements that anyone can do are called functional movements. Instead of simply curling a dumbbell, exercisers can combine curls and shoulder presses or even lunges in a series of movements that are more natural to our everyday life. In the long run, this has shown to reduce the amount of injuries that one experiences while increasing their balance.


Count In a Different Language

Counting out reps in one’s native language can become second nature and many people need a slight distraction from the “burn” that they are feeling in their muscles. Researchers have found that counting out repetitions in a different language can take one’s mind off the burn without completely ruining their concentration and making the movement more dangerous.


Turn Up the Volume

There is almost no better way to turn a workout around than to have a great playlist ready to go. Creating a playlist for one’s smartphone or MP3 player will help them take their mind off of any discomfort as well as increase serotonin and dopamine levels which will result in feelings of contentment and more energy. Make sure you have quality headphones, like the new Jaybird models, that are designed to stay during a hard workout. With this secret weapon you will be sure to get the most out of your next workout!


Have a Post-Workout Meal Ready

No matter how hard a workout may be, almost all of that hard work could be wasted if the body is not fueled immediately after. Those that have just exercised have a window of just under an hour in which the body will be the most efficient at breaking down protein and carbs in order to rebuild muscles and improve strength.


Getting into better shape does not necessarily mean upping time spent at the gym or lifting weights. Many people need to do nothing more than integrate a few habits in their daily schedule to begin maximizing every moment they are working out.

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