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5 Things to Make Your Elderly Relatives Happy


A great actor and comedian, George Burns, once said that “you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”. But, no matter how young one might feel, problems come with age. Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis are just some of the ailments that seniors suffer from. They also suffer mental decline and are liable to depression. Our elders did much for us, so here are some things that you should do in return to help them and brighten up their old days.

Talk To Them

Address their emotional needs. Many seniors keep their emotions inside of them because they think it would be a burden to other family members. If you notice any changes, be sure to ask them how they are, even if it is through casual conversation. Their self-esteem may lower down, for example, due to their eye sight decline which now prevents them from driving or enjoying favorite hobbies. You can positively influence their morale with simple gestures like listening and giving encouragement. If it happens that you live away, teach them visual communication (7 out of 10 seniors own a mobile phone).

Help Them Conquer Depression

They might be going through a hard period because of a recent loss of someone close to them. Being unable to cope with the slow decline in their physical and mental abilities is another common thing. This makes older people at higher risk for depression. Many of them turn down treatment because they don’t want to accept it, or they equate depression with death. Be considerate and not too harsh to them. On the other hand, there is no use of doing everything for an older depressed senior. Find a few simple tasks for one to do, praise their efforts and help them build-up their self-confidence.

Supply Them With Groceries

Deliver their basic needs to the door. Leaving the house and going to the store for supplies becomes a tiresome activity for them at one point. So, go out shopping for their groceries and medicine refills. There is a possibility of placing an order and asking for it to be delivered to the door, or arranging daily drop-offs from free food services. There is a rise of online grocery shopping services nowadays, so if your elderly own a computer or a smart phone, offer to teach them how to do it.

Be Within Reach

Let them know that you are the one they can call in emergency situations. For example, what increases dramatically with age is the number of falls, resulting in serious injuries with older people. If there is a risk of a seizure, or they have a disease that might somehow temporarily disable them, it is meaningful for them to know they can rely on you. You should learn how to provide first aid help, and also teach them what they should do in critical situations. It is important for them to feel safe, so to reduce stress and anxiety.

Help Them Be Safe On The Internet

Senior citizens are often victims of online scams. Car insurance, medicare and long-term insurance frauds are just some among many. Gather brochures, guides, information and help them understand internet frauds, phishing scams and online identity theft. Great number of senior citizens own and use a computer, and they should be educated and empowered to take care of themselves online.

Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. After receiving the diploma at Royal Rehab College, she is one step closer to another goal in her life – helping others. It makes you stand firmly on the ground and you start to appreciate the smallest things in life.


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