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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight?



Losing weight can prove to be a real battle for some people. This is because no matter how hard they do try. They just cannot seem to shed the pounds and get themselves where they do want to be weight-wise. The very same can be said about health-wise as well too. Therefore, what are some reasons why, one cannot seem to lose the weight or that the weight just isn’t coming off. Losing weight shouldn’t contain any gimmicks or advice that can be conflicting in nature, If anything, it should be something that should work, and that should work for one that is trying so hard to turn things around for themselves from a good health aspect. Why can’t a person get rid of the weight or lose weight? Do read on to learn more.

You may just be doing far too much cardio

No one is guaranteed to come away with slim waistline simply because they do exercise on a treadmill every day. It doesn’t matter either if the exercising on a treadmill is for an hour or more daily as well. The truth is this about doing too much cardio exercise. If you spend a great deal of time on the treadmill doing cardio exercise, in actuality, it can prove to be something to work against you from a losing weight perspective. This is because your body will basically begin to sense the cardio exercise as being stress. Stress is not something that works in one’s favor. Stress only works to release a hormone that is called cortisol. Cortisol is very good at breaking down one’s energy stores that usually do need for their immediate use. This reaction is only okay for the short term. Cortisol should not allowed to continue for long periods of time. This is because it can cause insulin resistance, a real lessening in one’s bone density, the disappearance of lean muscle mass, and also promote weight gain. Cortisol reaction is only healthy and natural when it is for a short time only. If a person does want to burn off fat and do it successfully. Sprints are the one exercise that can make it possible. This is because sprints, which are high-intensity training, is the very thing to increase the ability the muscles to have great fat burning power.

Are you consuming too much fruit?

A lot of dieters do think that fruit is the way to go for a low-calorie snack that is very sweet. However, too much of anything is not good, and this includes eating far too much fruit. Fruit is just like any other carbohydrate in that it does eventually get broken down into glucose by the small intestine. When glucose is present in the bloodstream, it can be the very thing, which does cause the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin does tend to store a lot of glucose as fat. Therefore, fruit intake does need to be limited, if one is on a diet and that is because of the combination of high antioxidants such as berries and pitted fruits with materials that are low in carbs content.

Keep your ghrelin well balanced

Though it is important to make good diet decisions where food intake is concerned. Sometimes, making too many of them, can actually be the thing to work against you in your quest to eat healthily and lose weight. This is because if you focus too much on making careful diet decisions. It can actually cause the brain to create far more of a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that can make you feel less full and can literally send your metabolism into slow down mode. The best way to keep your ghrelin levels well balanced is by doing one thing. This one thing is to focus on the more indulgent parts of your meal than the healthy things. For instance, instead of focusing on the lettuce in your salad, turn your focus over to the cheese and the nuts on your salad. You can also choose to eat foods that are about healthy and do seem to be a real treat at the very same time. One of these foods is no other than soup with some crusty bread that is whole grain in the description.

Use a pedometer regularly and be far less sedentary

One reason that people don’t lose enough weight like they would want to be is very clear. They are leading a life that is sedentary in detail. This means that if they are sitting behind a desk and working in front of a computer screen all day. They aren’t getting the recommended level of exercise that they should be getting properly. The best solution to this problem is to get a pedometer and be far less sedentary. When a person gets home from work, he or she, should use the pedometer and go out for a nice walk right before dinner time. Getting some form of exercise is crucial in achieving weight loss, and it isn’t always about just watching what you eat. You should reach 10,000 steps per day with the use of a pedometer The great thing is this, once you start using a pedometer, you will not be sedentary any more, and you can achieve the 10,000 steps very easily without having to look at the pedometer all the time.

How can you beat the weight loss plateau?

In order to make weight loss happen and to get where you need to be from a proper body weight perspective. You do need to keep track of your habits regularly. Keeping track of your habits is the very thing that can either work for or against you in the losing weight department. Therefore, do endeavor to be fully aware of what is what with yourself, and don’t sabotage your own weight-loss efforts. The best way to beat the weight loss plateau is to be determined to conquer it bit by bit. This means doing things the right way. Be determined to pay attention to any mistakes that can take place. This is the best advice to give someone who is trying to burn calories off and to lose weight successfully.


Losing weight is something that does take patience, perseverance, and taking care of all the right details to set it into motion forwards. Therefore, do know it isn’t an easy process, but it is something very possible if you make it so.




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