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5 Habits Of Healthy People


We all know at least one person that is always healthy and look super fit. They always seem happy too. But how do they get that way? Were they born like that?

The answer is no! But healthy people have a few rules they live by even if they are not consciously following these rules. So here they are:

 Enjoy Exercising

Healthy people love to exercise and have found exercises or sports that they enjoy doing and therefore keep doing them. To them, these things are actually fun activities and they don’t even think of them as exercise. Unlike the rest of us who try exercises we hate to lose weight, these workouts never usually last longer term. Try to find an exercise or sport that you actually enjoy doing, then you will look forward to it rather than dread it.

 Bad Foods In Moderation

People think that if someone is healthy they never eat junk food. This may be true in some circumstances but not in most. Most healthy people do eat junk food, but just in moderation. They may have an unhealthy snack once or twice a week compared to most of us who eat one or two unhealthy snack each day. Try to make sure that all of your meals are healthy and once have unhealthy snacks once in a while.

 They Eat Healthy Snacks

Snacking can cause all sorts of damage and help you put on a lot of weight. Healthy people make sure they eat healthy snacks and prepare them ahead of time. They eat snacks such as fresh fruit, cut up vegetables (such as celery and carrots), and raw nuts (not roasted or salted). Try and plan ahead when it comes to snacks and next time you are at the grocery store, make sure you plan for healthy snacks.

They Drink Plenty Of Water

Water does so much good for your body. It help make your skin and hair look great. It’s no wonder why healthy people always look so good, they drink plenty of water and don’t drink those nasty sodas. Whereas we drink lots of soda and fruit drinks. Sodas are packed with sugar and diet sodas are probably even worse for us then regular sodas as they are filled with more chemicals and artificial sweeteners. And some of us think that a fruit drink such as orange juice is a healthy alternative (some think it’s even better than water) but that too is full of sugar and other nasties. Try drinking only water, tea, and coffee (but not with sugar, whipped cream, or flavoured creamers).

They Go To Bed Early And Get Up Early

We all know that sleep is an important part of life. But healthy people know just how important it is to get at least 7 hours of consistent sleep every night. They go to sleep earlier then us, while we are watching a late night movie, they have already been sleeping for almost 2 hours. They also get up much earlier (even on their days off) and exercise first thing in the morning. Exercising in the morning has great benefits and can make us far more productive during the day.

How about you? Have there been some new habit for you which has made you a healthier person? Post them in the comments below.

Charlotte King

Charlotte is passionate about helping people lose weight and keep it off. Currently studying to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and owner of the site – http://topratedweightlossshakes.com


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