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5 Gifts to Give a Health Nut


Healthy living and fitness are common goals for many. If you have a friend that fits in this category, then you may want to find an appropriate birthday or holiday gift. There are many great options from fitness equipment to food and food preparation products.


When looking for a gift for a health nut, a juicer is a great option. The gift recipient can take raw fruit and make delicious, nutritious juice drinks. It is a great gift because it is easy to use and makes any variety of juice the gift recipient chooses.

Resistance Bands

A great gift for someone who likes to do strength training exercise is resistance bands. These come in a variety of lengths and strengths for all fitness levels, and a fitness professional can help you choose the right ones. Some kits even come with a variety of different bands. These are a great gift because they are portable, easily stored, and can be used almost anywhere for a quick workout.

Water Bottles

There are a huge variety of different types of water bottles, and thus there is one to fit everyone’s needs. From the backpack water carriers to bottles made of plastics and metals, you will find something in every price range for every taste. They make great gifts because it is so important to stay hydrated, especially when doing strenuous exercises. You can find many different colors and other options to choose from.

Exercise Ball

Another great gift for a fitness enthusiast may be an exercise ball from a company like Pristine Sales. One size fits all, and best of all, it helps strengthen your core muscles, but it also helps with achy back muscles, rehabilitation, and flexibility. It’s perfect for all levels and can even pair it with a book or DVD of exercises to do with the ball.

Yoga Mat

A personalized yoga mat is a great gift choice. You can choose from a variety of colors or designs to match the recipient’s personality. You can pair this with a yoga bag that will hold the mat and the rest of the gear your friend will likely tote along to class. It’s a great gift for someone who takes yoga classes.

With so many health and fitness gifts to choose from, you are sure to find something that will make the perfect gift. Whether your friend is new to the fitness and healthy lifestyle or a pro, they will appreciate your support of their activity. A fitness gift is a gift of health.


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