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5 Exercise tips for Diabetes


Diabetes is a state of increased amount of glucose in the blood. In this Disease the body is unable to use and store glucose properly in the blood as a consequence of which sugar gets accumulated in the bloodstream. Saddest thing is that it can’t be cured but you can manage it handsomely and keep it under control provided you follow some strict diet regime and undertake some routine exercises.

Rather than surrendering to this menace, it’s much better to know the reasons behind it, educate oneself regarding the natural remedies of it, formulate a solid diet to curb it in the beginning. It is a disease mostly linked to your lifestyle, routine and diet. So there is nothing to worry as long as you are conscious about it and undertaking steps actively to keep it under check.

One of the best ways to handle this horrible disease is adopting some sort of physical exercises. It can be your safest and most powerful weapon to trash your enemy down. There are several exercises to keep it under control but here we are not going to talk about those. Rather I will like to mention  some exercise tips- which are very effective and doesn’t lets you go off the track from your workout routine. Let’s go through them but ensure that you following them on a daily basis.

  1. Arrange a pedometer for yourself

A pedometer is an instrument and electronic device that measures the distance travelled by foot. Whenever you are exercising keep it with you like your watch, mobile or specs. It will motivate you a lot for crossing the schedules timeline. It’s an established fact that those who use pedometer shed more weight than those who don’t.

  1. Break your workout schedule in smaller portions

Though there’s nothing better than 30 minutes of exercise at a stretch but if it is not possible for you to withstand it, and ultimately you give up, it’s better to break your workout schedule in small, small parts- which you can easily carry on many times a day.

  1. If possible search a workout partner

You know this better than me that whenever you are in the company of your friends the time goes very fast. Second thing is that we enjoy doing any damn boring activity with them. So if possible, talk with any friend of yours who may be interested in joining you in your workouts. You never know, he or she may be also searching for a combination like this!

  1. Instead of sticking to a fixed routine workout, try to remain active as much as you can

It’s always better to enhance the overall activity in general like using stairs instead of lifts and accelerators, doing some household cleaning work if not daily then at least twice a week. The best way is to go jogging instead of a walk, whenever in the morning you are going to drop your kids till the bus stop.

  1. Write it down in your diary or phone

Make it a conscious effort to write everything- like how many minutes you walked today, on a daily basis, related to the workouts or exercise that you carry on. Start from the first day. It’s better to write your daily goals and see that you are meeting your goals.

Try to inculcate these tips in your daily routine. It will help you to settle yourself with your workouts or exercise in a better way- which will finally help in attaining your goals.


  1. I totally agree with this article. These 5 exercise tips for diabetes would be useful to deplete the sugar level in the body. Thanks for sharing this article!


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