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5 Effective and easy ways to a Flatter Tummy


Are you going through that traumatic period where you have to pull in your tummy and catch in a long breath while posing for a picture? Or is your favourite pair of denims not fitting you anymore due to a bulging waist size? Well, most of us have gone through a similar phase in our lives which has left us embarrassed and many a times, even depressed. An unfit body, especially an unfit tummy has become a social oddity and has driven individuals to a point where they alienate themselves from the society. Let’s admit thatwe all wish to flinch that tummy and show-off our flat and levelled abdomen. Be it for your next outdoor college trip or for a casual office party. We all wish to look fitter in that area. So here are 5 genius tips for you to start reducing those unhealthy fats, several inches and kgs at a time:

Tip #1: Maintaining a healthy diet.

A healthy diet will not only help you in thinning your tummy, it will provide you with an overall fitness control. Many of us confuse a balance diet with an ‘exponential reduction in eating’. This is very dangerous and acts counter to your goal because reducing your food intake to extremely low levels will lead to starvation. And starvation will ultimately lead to extra intake.

Foods to avoid:

  • Minimise the intake of meals which are high on sugar, like chocolates, cookies, cakes, etc. Sugar is packed with calories and leads to a high insulin level in your body. Use artificial sweeteners or honey as a replacement.
  • Put a full stop on junk food. They are high on oil and fats which are very harmful to your body. Obesity is only the beginning of the problem. Diabetes and risk of heart diseases are also an end result of junk fast food.
  • Say no to fizzy soft drinks and colas. And even alcohol and cigarette smoking. They are all unhealthy and harmful to your body. Carbonated drinks contain sugar and calories in exorbitantly high quantities.
  • Lower the usage of sodium (like table salt) as they retain water in your body and makes you look fatter.

Foods to embrace:

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, salad leaves, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, etc.
  • The right way of having non-veg is to cook them with the least amount of cooking oil. Lean and grilled meat will reduce the carbs and increase the protein content.
  • Opt for low fat dairy products.
  • Fats are not always bad. The healthy fat also known as monounsaturated fat can be found in peanut butter, nuts, seeds and avocado. Also, replace your cooking oil with Canola oil, Olive oil, or peanut oil. 

Tip #2: Step up and start exercising.

Who else bunked their PA sessions in school and spent time in the canteen? It’s time to pull yourself out of that boring and sedentary life, and start making time for exercise. Physical exertion, unlike any other activity or habit will help you shape your body in the least amount of time. We have listed down some easy and VERY EFFECTIVE forms of physical activities:

  • Cardio – Extensive running will not only help you in burning those abdominal fats, it will also lead to a better heart health and increased stamina. If you are not willing to step out of your house then we have a solution for you. ebay.co.uk provides you the best deals and discounts on treadmills, indoor cycles and other fitness utilities. Just type in your desired search term and find the best deals within seconds.
  • Abdominal crunches – Cardio exercises coupled with crunches will burn your fat like nothing else. Start with a figure of 10 or 20 repetitions per session and go up to the 100s by the end of the week.

Apart from cardio and abdominal crunches, you can even opt for other activities in aerobics, boxing, plyometrics, etc. Aerobic workouts include swimming, cycling, pace walking, dancing, etc. These activities will up your heart rate which is the key to fat burning. Pylometrics include jumping jacks, start jumps, sit ups, and all those exercises which require an individual to perform basic body movements while standing at the same place. Boxing will help you in muscle building and core exertion. It builds your core and makes you fit from top to bottom.Exercises like the plank are slightly tough to pull off in the start but once you get a good practice of it, you can be sure of losing several kgs by this.

Tip #3: Water above all.

If you wouldn’t give unhealthy beverages to your plants, then why would you give it to yourself? It is a well-known fact that drinking water increases the metabolism in our body. Drinking water washes away all the toxins in your body and keeps all your vital organs working at full capacity. Always keep a bottle of water handy with you during any physical activity.Another positive about drinking water before meals is that it fills your tummy and reduces the sense of hunger. Thus, helping you eat less. You can even mix water with natural ingredients like lemon, water melon peel, oranges, strawberry, mint, etc. This will not only enhance the taste of your drink but also keep you hydrated and energized for longer. Finally, as was mentioned earlier, one must always choose water above sugary carbonated drinks.

Tip #4: The perfect timing, proportion and routine.

Most of the fitness tips are redundant if they are not perfectly timed and maintained for a significant period of time. For example, you can’t expect to have a flawless tummy just by doing cardio for one week and skipping it in the next. One must understand that our body takes time to adjust to a routine and untimely interruptions can cause harm to the system, even if only the right things are done. Another very important thing to keep in mind while talking about healthy diets is that the proportion and timing of the meals should also be proper. For example, our breakfasts should be higher in quantity than our lunch, followed by dinner with the lowest quantity. Intake of healthy snacks in between meals will help you curb your hunger at the time of main course meals. Eating light and healthy snacks every 2 to 3 hours is the right practice. Eating a protein snack between 3pm to 4 pm (called the magic hour) will improved your metabolism and balance the sugar level in your blood. Try to end your day with a dinner which comprises only of salads and lots of water. Also, chewing the food properly before pushing it down your throat helps in proper digestion. Again, a key process to reduce the extra bloating flat.

Tip #5: Other healthy habits.

Apart from healthy food and physical activity, there are other helpful habits which can help you lose weight.

  • Reduce your stress. Be it work related or family related. Too much stress is harmful to your body in more than one ways.
  • Early to bed, early to rise… We have all heard this proverb. Maintaining a good sleeping cycle and sleeping early can set your mind ready for the next day.
  • Consult a doctor if required. There are cases which are out of our control and an inspection from an expert is necessary. Do not delay this act.
  • Try a physical activity wherever possible. You could probably take the flight of stairs instead of the lift at your school, college, office or home.

In conclusion, one can easily summarise the fact that obtaining a healthy body is almost as good as battle. Making it a simple one is in completely in your control. Make sure you follow these simple tips to stay fit forever and to avoid ballooning!


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