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5 Core Strength Foods That You Are Missing In Your Diet


When it comes to the kind of food stuff that you should consume, you should make your choice wisely from the two main food groups i.e. the good foods and the bad foods.

Obviously, you should avoid bad foods that have a negative impact on your body entirely. However, when it comes to selecting particular food for strength building and nutritional value, it is a bit of a chore. Nevertheless, we are here to point out the best foods should eat for a healthy and a strong physique.

  • Eggs


You can have eggs at any time of the day, especially in the mornings. Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins and also one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs contain core nutrients including Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Phosphorous, and Selenium in addition to ample amounts of Calcium, Vitamin K, and Zinc.

Additionally, eggs contain only 77 calories in addition to 6 grams of Proteins plus 5 grams of healthy fats which make them the perfect food choice for weight loss.

However, there is a common misconception that the cholesterol contained in eggs is unhealthy, far from that cholesterol has an overall positive benefit to the body including the nourishment of cells, conditioning muscles and maintaining normal testosterone levels.

However, eggs should be consumed with caution especially if one is diabetic. Research shows that people who consume three whole eggs daily in addition to performing core strength exercise gain twice more muscle mass than those subjects who do not consume eggs at all.

  • Organic Beef


Organic beef comes from animals which have been fed on grass throughout their lives.  The meat which comes from organic animals is important due the high levels of proteins, good cholesterol and saturated fat that it contains.

Furthermore, organic beef also contains very low levels of fats as compared to non- organic beef. Additionally, because grass-fed organic beef is low in saturated fat, it can provide one with thrice more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic beef.

Omega-3 acids, in turn, are vital for preventing the onset on diseases such as cancer and other diseases such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, studies have shown that cancer patients who have high levels of Omega-3s in their tissues are more responsive to chemotherapy than those who do not. Organic beef is rich in Omega-3 fats mainly because grass-fed animals consume green plants I which the nutrient is manufactured.

  • Salmon

Salmon has amazing and unique health benefits due to the high levels of proteins and amino acids that it contains. Additionally, due to the bioactive protein molecules including calcitonin found in salmon, people who consume it are less likely to succumb to health complications such as joint pain and digestive tract issues.

Furthermore, the high level of omega-3 fats including EPA and DHA found in salmon enhance brain function and condition the nervous system.

In addition to that, Vitamin D found in salmon is vital in boosting overall health. When deficient in Vitamin D, the body is prone to several diseases such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Taking only one salmon per day will give you enough Vitamin D required for the whole day.

  • Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is a fantastic food with several health benefits but is often underestimated. Wheat germ is the tiny nutrient dense center of a wheat kernel. Among the nutrients packed in the wheat kernel is vitamin E, phosphorous, thiamin, protein, zinc, magnesium plus essential fatty acids.

The health benefits that wheat germ possess are too good to be ignored. From strengthening the heart to nourishing the muscles and aiding in weight loss, the beneficial attributes of this food is amazing.

Due to the heavy nutrient properties in wheat germs, making it a regular part of your diet can significantly lessen the likelihood of cancer in addition to slowing down the aging process by enhancing the skin and reducing hair fall.

Although incorporating wheat germ in your diet is preferred, using it directly in cosmetic applications is equally beneficial for the skin and hair.

  • Brown Rice

Although white rice looks more tempting and delicious than brown rice, the nutrient value that it contains is far lesser when compared to brown rice. Again, due to being a whole grain, brown rice provides ample amount of fiber which helps to maintain a healthy level of insulin in the body and aids in proper digestion.

Furthermore, the gamma-aminobutyric acid found in brown rice acts a neurotransmitter in our body which is also a growth hormone booster. Again, because it is rich in Selenium, brown rice minimizes the risk of developing fatal diseases such as arthritis, cancer and heart complications.

Brown rice is also an excellent source of Manganese, which is vital in aiding the body to synthesize fats properly in addition to enabling the nervous and reproductive systems function better.  Also, due to being a whole grain, brown rice is an excellent food choice for weight loss enthusiasts since taking it regularly gives one a sensation of a full stomach which will make him/her eat lesser.

Moreover, infants can feed on brown rice or brown rice cereal during their weaning years because it is rich in fiber and other dense nutrients which are essential for proper growth and development.

Also, brown rice can be used in the treatment of certain health conditions such as candida yeast infections since the consumption of foods rich in starch and sugar are prohibited during the candida treatment process.

Again, because it contains a key nutrient- Magnesium, brown rice is vital in maintaining good bone health and reducing the onset of bone related diseases such as osteoporosis later in life. Just a single cup of brown rice can provide you with 21% of your daily magnesium requirements.


Are you taking the above listed five power foods regularly? If no, then it’s high time you begin consuming them because of the limitless nutritional value that they provide.


Author: Abby is a nutrition and fitness expert. She loves to write about health, fitness and nutrition. She is part of the writer’s team at SWITCH, a fitness blog by renowned UK celebrities Dr. Hilary Jones and Emma Kenny. In her free time, Abby loves listening to music and sweating it out at the gym.


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