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5 Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners from the Experts


Don’t be discouraged even if you are new to the world of bodybuilding. Getting the best result isn’t always easy – and definitely not fast either – but nothing is impossible. Here are some tips from the experts in the industry. Remember, they have been in the industry for quite some time and they are the pros, so really soak in their advice and try to implement those tips into your own routine.

Kelechi Opara

He claims that no matter what (and no matter how hard you try), true results come only from 20% of your training – the remaining 80% won’t help you much. That’s why you should focus on compound movements for those 20% part. When compared to isolation movements (which focus on only one muscle group), compound movements and their two (or more) muscle group focus will deliver a better result. Because compound movements will produce better hormonal reactions and responses for muscle growth and building, you should focus on that part. Get help from the experts if you are clueless – after all, you are a beginner.

Kelly Rennie

For her, the focus of healthy bodybuilding routine is about healthy eating. After all, food is the source of energy; the fuel that enables everything to happen. When you can’t implement healthy eating, you will suffer from mall nutrients, which can obstruct your performance and achievement. To achieve a better goal and better performance, it is important that you can choose organic or whole foods with complex carbs, complete protein, and enough fats. Be sure to stay away from packaged or processed foods because they are mainly useless.

Dayna Tappan

Weight training for ladies is important if you want to get better result – especially if you want to build muscles and have leaner results. If you are new to this area, make sure to ask for help from the experts. Sure, you can educate yourself, but having a good trainer is like having a good support – not to mention that you can learn about everything faster and more efficiently.

Afraid of getting buff? Don’t worry; women don’t have enough testosterone to make them look buff – well unless you get testosterone supplements. You can sculpt your body and have firmer body image without having to worry about looking big.

Jaquelyn Kay Kastelic

For her, the most important thing before starting the program is to have a plan. Once you have a plan, then everything will be easier because you know what to do by the time you reach the gym. Here are some of her best tips:

  • Hit the gym three to four times a week. Don’t go too often or you may get bored and suffer from burned out. Even worse, you can get injured.
  • Start by planning your gym days. Once you decide that Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be your gym days, be committed to it.
  • Always start slowly, and progress from your small victory. It will get better and easier.

Alex Carneiro

The important thing in bodybuilding is nutrition. Pay attention to when, how, and what you eat if you want to get great results for your own appearance and self-confidence. Be sure to have coordinated and balanced diet, and make sure that you maintain proper eating habits.

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  1. Bodybuilding is the new trend today for both men and women. Everyone wanted to have that perfect physique. It’s good to know that before you start, you must plan on how to achieve it. proper nutrition and workouts are things that you should consider. Very informative post.

  2. “bodybuilding tips for beginners from the experts”
    Hi.. i m new in gym and it is really difficult to gain good body. i m working on my aps.
    Can you pleases so easy tips for that.


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