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5 benefits of casein protein


Casein is a protein extracted from milk and consisting of a number of useful compounds for the human body. It makes up to 80% of the proteins of cow milk and is a source of amino acids, carbohydrates, but also phosphorus and calcium. Together with the whey protein, this compound serves as a great aide in the muscle building process. Besides that, is also helps us satiate our subjective feeling of hunger while we are awake and also keeps the metabolism in order when we are asleep. However, casein has many other beneficial effects.

Less fat with casein

When you decide to turn your body into a human figure instead of a jelly-like couch-potato shape, the main difficulty that you will come across is beating the subjective drive for eating. Although you have just had a meal in accordance with your diet plan, you still feel that you could eat a horse or an ox. That is so because your brain got used to a high level of fast-processing carbohydrates and once you have stopped using them, it sends you the signals of hunger. In that case, casein can help you beat the instinct for overeating, since it is digested in a slow way and keeps dosing the amount of amino acids in the blood. More importantly, it also gives you a small amount of carbohydrates, which can be just enough to trick your brain and eliminate the feeling of continuous hunger.

For neat teeth

One of the latest studies on teeth protection has showed surprising results, according to which casein helps keeping the teeth healthy. Allegedly, this protein guards the enamel layer and that way gives our teeth additional protection. So, taking a dose of this protein on a daily basis even if you do not do physical exercise can potentially spare you at least some of the uncomfortable dentist visits.

Muscle mass enhancer

Casein can serve as a great aide in the muscle mass gaining process. This protein is rich with amino acids, just like the whey protein and its peptide structures digest more slowly, which can be a great source of amino acids necessary for muscles during their growth throughout the day.

Endurable ally

Casein is a long-lasting protein. Its structure is gelatinous and it simply requires more time to break down in smaller units. That is why casein is especially useful if taken before falling asleep, since it provides amino acids for the muscle growing all night long and at the same time satiate your hunger early in the morning.

Spartacus among proteins

Thanks to its long-lasting digestion, casein serves as a sort of infusion for body builders and hobbyist gym-goers. For better results in the gym and a smoother growth of muscles, you should use casein protein on a daily basis. This protein will give you more strength, since it has an effective anti-catabolic effect, meaning that it slows down the process of losing energy. At the same time, its amino acids are a great source of ammunition for muscles when you are having a rest from the gym.

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