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4 Ways Golf Makes You Happier And Healthier


While the general perception is that golf puts more strain on your mind and emotions than your body, you can become a much healthier person in just your first few months of playing. From the powerful swing of your arm to the long walks between holes, there’s quite a bit of physical fitness going on while you play.

It doesn’t end there though. Golf is also a social sport and you can foster relationships with your friends and fellow players, making new ones in the process. Its’ good for your brain, helps with your coordination, vision, and overall is much more relaxing on your mind than most other sports.

While you’re improving yourself in the process, you could become good enough at the sport to be the next Tiger Woods and have a statue made in your honor, as this article on At The Tee explains. Here are five ways to get there.

The Social Aspect

Most casual golfers usually take weekends out to play golf with friends and get closer to them in the process. But you don’t need fellow golfer friends if you want to start playing. Golf is a laid-back sport with a lot of silent moments and downtime, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people and grow closer to your local golfing community.

Improved Vision

Not only is your hand-eye coordination highly improved, but your perception of objects and ability to track them at a distance also gets better. Golfers have to constantly focus on the ball once they send it flying, which over long distances becomes increasingly difficult, forcing your brain to improve and better keep track of the ball.

Little To No Risk Of Injury

A common issue with other sports, whether it be racing or football, is that you’re always prone to injury, even when it isn’t a result of your own actions. These sports are risky and can even get you stuck with lifelong injuries and deformations. Just look at boxers.

Golf, on the other hand, is extremely unlikely to injure you at all. You’re only really swinging your arm and doing some walking. Just enough to get your heart going, but not so much that you can hurt yourself. There’s also no chance of a 200lb man with a helmet charging into you, or a NASCAR driving into your golf cart at 170 miles per hour.

Improved Sleep

After a long day out in the sun (be sure to wear sunscreen!) you’ll naturally be a bit worn out, even if you hitched a ride from hole to hole. This means you can rest easy at night and fall asleep much faster, which is ultimately better for your health. Golf may just be what you need to achieve that eight hours of sleep you’ve been dreaming about.

With golf, you’re not stuck in a stadium that’s playing loud music and shooting fire into the air while being surrounded by screaming crowds. It’s just a simple, usually beautiful course dotted with the occasional person who’s minding their own business and relaxing like you are, making it a great way to forget about the stresses of daily life.


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