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4 Tips to Go From Overweight to Building Muscle


If you’re overweight and looking to drop some pounds for muscle, you may find it difficult to do it simultaneously. Changing your lifestyle is a process that requires your effort and time. However, it’s possible to lose weight and dramatically change the way you look through strength training as well. It is important to learn how to build muscle the correct way and lose weight the efficient way without crash dieting or binging. In order to change your lifestyle, you must start somewhere. Here are five tips that will help you drop pounds while building your muscles to achieve the ultimate look and lifestyle you dream of.

Do Your Cardio

First and foremost, you must begin losing weight in order to begin to see changes in your body. It’s also important to move your body and get it used to fitness before you begin any strenuous activity. Cardio is a simple way to get your heart rate up, which burns an incredible amount of calories each and every time. Cardio can include a number of different exercises such as a jog, walking, running or sprinting. Cardio works every muscle in your body and is one of the best ways to burn fat. Start small and go for a walk each day. Once you feel you are ready for more, you can begin interval training to release more calories. Remember to stay hydrated and allow your body to rest in between sessions.

Change Your Diet

Your diet must change if you want to lose weight. Not only must your caloric intake decrease, you also must begin eating foods that are good for building muscle. You must create a deficit in your intake daily to begin losing pounds. There are online calculators that can help you determine what your caloric intake must be to effectively lose weight. Always consult your physician as well. Once you find your calorie intake, stick to healthy foods that are good for your body with high protein. Protein will help your muscle mass and the healthy foods will allow your body to adjust to the changes. Chicken, fish and vegetables are all great sources of protein and also fill your belly up to keep you from binging. Your diet also needs to consist of water that your body needs to replenish.

Do Your Weight Training

Once you begin changing your diet and doing your cardio, it’s important to begin weight training. Weight training will allow you to tone loose skin as you drop weight. Weight training during certain times of day will also boost your calorie loss. Your muscles continue working after you finish your workout to burn even more. You can lift weights, use the gym equipment or combine your cardio with some hand weights. Furthermore, you should not weight train every single day. Your muscles must be able to heal in between sessions to build the proper muscle mass. Three days a week is great for those wishing to see results quickly.

Take a Fat Burning Supplement

If you want to see results quickly, a fat loss supplement is a great option. There are fat burners to promote lean muscle mass combined with your diet. These supplements combine natural ingredients with a non-stimulant formula that is great for your body. Stimulant free fat burners don’t contain caffeine or other particles that can raise your heart rate. Therefore, this supplement can be taken in the evening as well without seeing the effects of stimulants. These supplements work around the clock all day to help you burn as many calories as possible. They can also be used for extended periods of time without any harsh or harmful side effects. Great ingredients include chromium, which helps those who take the supplement with their overall carbohydrate management. This is perfect for those needing to lose weight while building muscle mass. Use your fat burner supplement with a stimulant for quicker results as well, safely and efficiently. Always consult your physician before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet and before adding supplements.

Final Thought

As you can see, it is possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. While doing so, it helps not to pay so much attention to the scale. Although you’re not losing pounds according to the scale, you will be losing inches due to your new lifestyle. Use these tips to create a lifestyle that you enjoy and look great doing it.


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