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4 Natural Pills to Fight Signs of Aging


Over the past 40 years the lifespan of humans across the globe has increased exponentially. In the western world, people are living longer than ever because of better health practices and medical technology. The problem is, many people are living through technological support even though their body is already beyond aged.

When it comes to fighting aging, there are plenty of product peddlers that will try to sell creams, ointments, and even prescription drugs. As people have slipped more into Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia, and similar types of age-related diseases, it is even more important to tackle aging at the root.

Whether you are elderly or a young adult, you will want to hear the four natural pills that can help you to fight signs of aging. Not only will this help you to fight the visible signs, but it will help you to reverse aging in general!

#1: Coenzyme10 (CoQ10) – this is a natural molecule that your body already produces. It is naturally a good way to support the mitochondria in your body, which are the powerhouses that help to provide energy. Beyond helping to create energy, the CoQ10 also helps to improve the health of the overall cell. This obviously helps the cell to last longer, which translates into a longer life for you as well.

As the name suggests, coenzyme 10 is a way to support enzymatic action that our body needs in order to function properly. Most people do not produce nearly enough CoQ10 and taking a pill or powder can make the difference in the long term.

#2: Fish Oil (DHA and EPA) – by consuming fish oil, you will have a much better chance of fighting aging because of how poor our modern diet truly is. Most people who have a standard American diet have an omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of 1:20 even though it should be 1:1. By taking DHA and EPA it is possible to get the balance more into control. Most fish oil is filled with these omega-3 fatty acids and it comes naturally from food.

Our ancestors were meant to survive on a diet of omega-3 fatty acids, but our modern diet does not reflect that. By eating the way we do without enough omega-3 fatty acids, we unfortunately have hastened are aging.

#3: Citicoline – if you have ever heard of the brain chemical called acetylcholine then you probably know it is one of the best ways you can increase memory formation and learning ability. Citicoline is the most well-absorbed form of choline and can increase memory formation and learning ability. More importantly for aging, it can help to protect neurological connections so that people can avoid long-term memory decline

#4: Green Tea Extract – almost everyone has enjoyed a few sips of a hot, tasty green tea. One of the things that makes green tea so special is the nutrition that is within the plant. Obviously caffeine is helpful for some, but other people enjoy the L-theanine (amino acid) to improve relaxation and concentration.

Beyond this, there is green tea extract (most notably EGCG), which can help act as an antioxidant and reduces free radicals. It is completely natural and a piece of the green tea that you already enjoy.


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