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4 Major Eye Ageing Problems And Their Fixes


Not many of us age with grace and with our beauty intact. As we grow old we tend to lose our look, especially facial, which incidentally also forms an important part of our body. An attractive face fetches frequent and appreciative glances from people around us. However, the charm doesn’t last forever. Double chin, pigmentation, unusual and unpredictable lines are some of the disturbing problems associated with ageing. However, the most painful experience is the development of age related eye problems which really lowers the self confidence.

As mentioned above, our face and specially our eyes participate in most of the social and work related conversation. In such a scenario it becomes quite difficult to maintain a positive attitude and look at other people with confidence. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and so does eye related ageing problems.

1. Dark circles:

One of the common problems faced by many people, especially post fifty is the formation of shadows below the eyes. However, dark circles can also be experienced by younger people. In older folks the unusually disconsolate skin below the eyes is due to excessive pigmentation which is easily seen through wafer thin and delicate skin. Pigmentation along with network of blood vessels turns that area dark, typically bluish/black.

In younger people, dark circles may occur due to the following reasons.

-Excessive smoking or alcohol consumption.

-Lack of sleep or work pressure.

People who suffer from allergies, especially hay fever and Rhinitis generally develop dark circles. This happens due to inflamed nasal passage running from above the eyes to the nose.

The fixes –

Creams which contain retinol lower the intensity of dark circles to a large extent. Apply this cream before going to sleep so that the skin gets enough time to react and reduce pigmentation.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Make sure you avoid stress and at the same time reduce work related pressure.

Sleep early and gift yourself an eight hour sleep regularly.

In case the dark circles have really turned into an eye sore you can opt for laser treatment which inhibits pigment producing cells.

Vitamins can also help to a certain extent but you need to adopt the above mentioned suggestions simultaneously.

2. Puffy eyes:

“Puffy eyes” is yet another facial problem which lowers the confidence of a person and makes him/her self conscious. Puffiness can occur due to an array of reasons or inherent human behavior. The most important reasons for puffy eyes are mentioned below.

In older people it may occur due to water retention problem. Imbalanced salt distribution typically forms puffy eyes.

Another major reason for puffy eyes is the underlying medical condition. Old and young people who suffer from allergic rhinitis and other associated illnesses experience puffiness early in the morning or even during the entire course of the day.

Lack of sleep or excessive time spent in front of television is yet another cause for those puffed up eyes.

It can also result due to improper sleeping habit, typically when you rest on your stomach.

The fixes –

Apply moist tea bags on the affected area. Make sure they attain room temperature before dabbing or placing them over closed eyes.  Regular application makes sure your eyes look normal and healthy. The other fixes include; adopting a correct posture while sleeping, washing off makeup before going to bed and of course curbing the desire to watch back to back movies or favorite programs on television.

3: Fine lines:

Collagen is what offers our skin the required elasticity. It not only helps our skin expand and contract gracefully but also provides suppleness and glow. Without collagen our skin would look like a parchment paper which appears lifeless, dry and drab. However, with age the production of this essential protein reduces, exposing our skin to an array of skin problems.

So, every time your eyes light up with happiness or shrink in fear or sorrow the skin doesn’t fully recover from its earlier state. The result; you begin to develop fine lines along the periphery of your eyes. These lines may vary in intensity and spread. Fine lines are easy to treat or mask. Mentioned below are some of the fixes.

The Fixes –

Creams – In most of the cases dermatologist recommend creams which are proven to protect collagen. Yet another set of creams which they recommend are typically aimed at enhancing or stimulating the growth of this essential protein which over a period of time reduces ugly lines. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.

Retinol based ointment also helps reduce age related disfigurement, especially close to the eye area.

4. Eye wrinkles:

Eye wrinkles are the biggest beauty snatchers after dark circles. They typically make you look haggard, older than your age and fatigued. Wrinkles are not limited to a particular gender or geo-location. Males, females across the world suffer from premature and age related wrinkles. While the rest of our skin remains concealed, our face is always exposed, especially the eyes which demand immediate attention and care.

As mentioned above, formation of wrinkles is due to the slow down in the production of collagen. Premature wrinkles on the other hand are caused by collagen deficiency which invariably affects the area below the eyes.

The Fixes –

In case the wrinkles are intense and noticeable even from a distance the best option would be to undergo Botox surgery.

Regular facial massage with collagen promoting oils is another way to get rid of wrinkles. It is a non-invasive method which although takes time, offers long lasting results.

Some of the creams if applied regularly prevent collagen breakdown and also smoothens the lines over a period of time.

By keeping the area under the eyes hydrated all the time through skin-friendly moisturizer, especially before going to bed, prevents premature wrinkles.  Moisturizer can also be applied over existing wrinkles to reduce their intensity and spread.

Author Bio:

Joecy Parker is an Online Consultant for Dermatend – Mole And Wart Removal. Joecy likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care. You can contact her via Twitter.


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