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4 Fantastic Workout Recovery Solutions For Your Home


After a brutal workout, it’s time to focus on helping the body recover. It’s no secret that muscle is actually built outside of the gym. All the effort you put in at the gym simply tears down the muscle fibers. Recovery is a necessity for the body to rebuild the muscle fibers even stronger than before.


Without the proper recovery, what you do at the gym won’t make you any stronger. Recovery doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can feel quite pampering for a worn down body. Let’s take a look at some of the best post-workout recovery options.


Relaxing Hot Tub Soak

Easing away muscle soreness and aches can be done with hot water. What better way to ease the entire body than with a relaxing hot tub soak. The heat from a hot tub can greatly reduce muscle spasms, alleviate joint stiffness, and assist in the quicker recovery of the muscle tissues.


Hot tubs equipped with jet systems are an added advantage to muscle recovery. These jets perform a massage on the body that can aid in improving blood circulation throughout the body. This alleviates the muscle tension due to lactic acid and aids in post-workout recovery.


While you may be able to get in a hot tub at the gym, if you use it enough, you might think about getting one for your home. This would allow you to take advantage of all the benefits in privacy and comfort. Search up the best company to help you install it (search something like “Rocky Mountain Hot Tub Company service” so you can find some reviews on whatever businesses you find.) and get your relaxation on.


Full Body Massage Chair

When a person workouts out, their muscles fibers tend to get stuck in a contracted position. This leads to what is referred to as a muscle knot, which feels like a tense ache. Having these knots massaged out can release that tension from the body and reduce post-workout inflammation and soreness.


A full body massage chair can speed up recovery time without having to schedule an appointment at a massage parlor. While foam rollers and hand-held massaging devices are available, they don’t allow one to access all parts of the body effectively. Full body massage chairs do.


Curve-Hugging Mattress

Sleep is a crucial factor in aiding muscle recovery. Without sleep, one cannot fully recover from the damage created by their workout. Having a bed that is comfortable and cradles the curves of the body is imperative to a good night’s rest.


Those who currently have a mattress that leaves them with morning stiffness or back pain need to reconsider what they sleep on. A body needs at least seven to eight full hours of consistent rest in order to rejuvenate and allow the body to recover from an intense workout session.


Foam Rollers And Balls

Just as an at home massage chair will take care of muscle knots, so will foam rollers and balls. These are a great option for those who need specific attention for certain areas of their body. Foam rollers use the compression force of the body against the roller to release muscle adhesions in the body. These rollers can come with vibration settings and heat.


Foam balls work the same way as the rollers, however, they allow an individual to get closer access to the muscle adhesion. These balls work great for the armpits, groin, feet, and other areas the roller is not able to access. Foam rollers and balls are a great way to allow the muscle to release their knots and grow back stronger. If one can’t afford some of the more expensive recovery solutions, this is a more affordable option.


Recovery is one of the most important parts of the training process. One can work their muscles as hard as their mind allows at the gym. However, if they don’t allow the proper recovery of the muscles to take place they will not grow back any bigger or stronger. Understanding that muscles are built outside of the gym is imperative to any individual’s success when it comes to gaining muscle and overall strength.


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