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4 Common Sports Injuries and How to Treat Them


Whether you’re playing for a team or having fun in the backyard, you can experience a sports injury. Sports injuries can range from minor to severe, and in some unfortunate cases, surgery is required to ensure you heal fully. Injuries can be caused by flawed techniques, improper equipment, poor training, or simple accidents. If you’re not conditioned to play a sport, you’re at a higher risk for injury. It’s always a good idea to do some warm up stretches before you begin playing, even if it’s just a backyard game of football. Below, you’ll find the four most common injuries and how to treat them.



Sprains occur when a ligament is torn or overstretched. From minor to complete tears, sprains can be extremely painful. The most common sprains are of the wrists, ankles, and knees. If your injury is minor, you can treat this at home with an ice pack, rest, and elevating your injured wrist, ankle, or knee. If your injury is serious, you need to seek medical attention immediately.



Strains or pulled muscles can happen when the muscle or tendon is stretched too far to tear. Strain injuries also range from minor to severe. Less serious strains can be treated at home with ice and elevating your injured area. More serious strains and sprains should be seen by a physician.



Fractures or broken bones, are extremely common injuries but do require the help of a licensed physician. Whether it’s a broken arm, ankle, or leg, you need to seek out the care of a doctor. Fractures may need to be treated with surgery, and almost always by setting the bone and putting a cast on the injured area.



Dislocations or luxation, is when a blunt force pushes the bones in a joint out of alignment. These injuries are common in sports like football or other contact sports. Dislocations are normally treated by the R.I.C.E technique. This includes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If your injury is serious, and you’re unable to immobilize it, you need to seek medical attention at places like Interior Alaska Orthopedic & Sports Medicine. These experts can help alleviate immediate pain as well as give you a regiment to follow for quick recovery.


Treat Your Body with Care

No matter how high or low your pain tolerance is, you need to see a doctor when you’ve been injured. Even what seems to be a small sprain can cause major problems. Sometimes, an ankle injury can seem like a sprain but is actually a break or hairline fracture. In other words, your injury could be worse than you think or feel. Always be sure to follow up with a physician after a sports injury to ensure your body heals as it should.


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