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3 Main Reasons why you’re not Losing Weight


There’s nothing more frustrating than when you don’t manage to lose the weight despite being on a diet and doing tons of sports.

You could be plateauing after losing a healthy bunch of weight and for some reason, in spite of all your continuous efforts, nothing helps. In the UK alone, health experts reckon that 74% of men and 64% of women will be overweight by 2030.

With also one in four adults trying to lose weight most of the time according to another survey, you’re definitely not the only one currently worrying about your health and shape and not managing to durably keep off the weight.

So what could you be missing out on or not doing right? We’ve compiled a list of 3 common reasons that might be affecting people trying to lose weight.

  1. You’re eating too much

This might seem super obvious but sometimes, we all need a wake-up call to actually re-evaluate our real calorie intake versus our calories outtake. To make sure you’re not eating more than what you should, start jotting down the foods and calories you eat over the course of a week to have a proper overview of what you could not be doing right. Don’t forget that alcohol should be included!

  1. You’re not eating enough

If you’ve been on a diet for too long, your body metabolism starts to slow right down. This is usually a consequence of unbalanced, overly restrictive diets that cause your body to go into survival mode and stop functioning properly. This type of diet is very harmful as your body isn’t getting enough nutrients to keep going on the long run and you will be more prone to end up binging on unhealthy foods after periods of semi-starvation and yo-yo dieting. To break this hellish cycle, start to eat again, 8 to 10 small meals a day to keep better track of your food intake before resuming eating a more balanced diet at normal meal times.

  1. It’s in the genes

Some medical studies have shown that genes play an all too important role in determining how much we weight, and in some cases, diets will not have the desired, long-lasting effects, no matter what we try. It’s especially true when it comes to areas of the body that might be genetically programmed to be on the larger side.
All body fat is truly not created equal, and genes certainly determines for instance how dense female and even male breasts are. In some cases, surgical breast reductions are the only long-term solution to help patients with health and weight related issues such as back pain and other physical discomfort.



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