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3 Exercise Activities That Are Perfect for Fit Seniors


Everyone knows it’s important to stay healthy and fit, but as you age this is even more important. The trouble is that as you age, you are more prone to injury and you will need to be more careful and selective in your workout regime. A workout routine does not really look much different and still needs to focus on the main areas of training: strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility. But as the body ages it will slow down and stiffen, so why it is important to stay alive, it is even more important to choose exercises that work the best for your unique situation. Here are three exercises that are a great place to start:


There are many different types of yoga and depending on the type you decide to practice, yoga can offer stress-relieving benefits as well as a full body workout. Yoga is perfect for all skill levels as the moves can easily be adapted any number of strength and ability levels. This is an exercise that works to build core power, strengthen muscles, and adding low level aerobics to a workout routine. As if that was not enough, many senior living experts agree that Yoga can also help manage pain and stiffness that often comes with age as it is works to slowly loosen muscles and joints and can help with common back, shoulder, neck, arm, and leg pain and discomfort. When health conditions and injuries limit exercising options, Yoga is one of the best options available.

Tai Chi

When someone mentions that they practice Tai Chi, the often come across as calm, serene, and healthy. There is a reason for this and it is not by accident that these people are usually healthier than their non-active counterparts. The tenants of Tai Chi teach discipline, patience, and offer sage advice for seniors. With a rich history and life changing philosophy, Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of all martial arts. The benefits of this low impact exercise comes from fusing exercises that focus on balance, strength training, and light aerobics. Not only is Tai Chi an effective way to manage stress; it can build core body strength; it can also help lift spirits and attitudes. Like Yoga, Tai Chis is perfect for seniors who have injuries or health conditions that limit their ability to enjoy other forms of exercise.


Swimming is often called the ultimate exercise routine and the ideal full body workout. It has gained this recognition for good reason and it has been long used as one of the primary ways in which. It can do amazing things for your core muscles, and it also provides your arms, legs, and glutes with a workout that cannot be achieved with any other workout regimen. As if that was not enough, swimming can also help improve lung functions and endurance while also being a perfect low-impact exercise option. Stop worrying about straining muscles, hurting stiff joints, damaging weak knees and ankles, or pulling out your back. When you swim, your entire body gets a workout and you can see and feel the difference!

Age brings about many changes, some for the better, some for the worst, and some are just changes that must be dealt with. If you have been struggling to find a way to stay active and keep yourself fit as you age, then these three exercises are perfect for you. And best of all- Yoga, Tai Chi, and swimming can all easily be added into your weekly routine. Find gyms and centers that offer Yoga and Tai Chi classes, find a swimming pool you can use, and you could enjoy the many health benefits of all three each and every week. The way you do it and how often you do it is not important; what is important is that you take steps to protect your health and well-being now. A workout routine does not really have to look much different when you are older, it just has to be specially tailored to fit your needs and limitations.


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