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3 Big Differences Made By Wearing The Right Clothes For Your Workout


Are you the type to throw on any old t-shirt before you hit the gym? Even though what you wear may not seem like a big deal, it can have a significant impact on how your workout goes. Here are the three big differences you’ll notice right away when you wear the right clothes for working out.

You’re Much More Comfortable

The difference between wearing everyday clothes when you exercise and wearing workout clothes is night and day. Jeans, t-shirts and other everyday clothes aren’t designed to handle the heavy sweating that accompanies exercise, and you’ll be feeling sticky before long. Workout clothes have moisture-wicking materials that let your skin breathe and doesn’t soak up your sweat.


This also helps you avoid overheating when you work out. When you’re getting the blood flowing with some exercise, you don’t want clothing that retains your body heat.

You Perform Better

There’s a reason that professional athletes in major sports all have certain uniforms. When you’re not wearing the right gear, your performance suffers. Workout clothes are designed to provide you with the maximum range of motion in your arms and legs, unlike regular clothes that don’t need to do this. They also tend to be fitted, which means you won’t have loose fabric hanging from your body and interfering with you as you exercise.


Compression gear, in particular, can give your workouts a boost. This tight clothing keeps your muscles in place for superior muscle recruitment, and that compression can help with your blood flow, as well.

You’re Safer

You’ll always be at a higher risk of injury when you aren’t wearing the right clothes to work out. In some cases, this will be a minimal difference. Lifting weights in jeans isn’t optimal, but it’s also unlikely to cause an issue.


But this can change depending on the types of exercise you’re doing. For example, if you go on a strenuous hike or camping trip and you don’t have a long sleeve shirt, you could be cut up from branches, thorns, and other natural hazards. Without a good pair of shoes, you may twist an ankle. If you went to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class in a tank top instead of a rash guard, you could get a nasty bacterial infection. If you’re running, reflective clothing allows you to be seen by cars passing by.


There are many advantages to wearing the right workout clothes and no disadvantages. If you don’t have the gear you need, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.


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