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20-20 Vision: How Can I Keep My Eyes Healthy?


You use your eyes every day to navigate the world, watch movies and absorb information. Your eyes require attention and care in order to remain healthy. If you neglect your eyes, then you could develop vision problems that make doing normal things difficult. Fortunately, taking care of your eyes is not hard. You should know some ways to keep your eyes healthy.


Do Not Stare At Screens for Long Periods

You want to reduce eyestrain as much as possible during the day. Straining your eyes every day can eventually lead to permanent damage. Looking at a computer screen for long periods places a large amount of strain on your eyes. Look away from the screen every 20 minutes. Look off into the distance and count to 20. This will give your eyes time to relax and return to normal.


Wear Protective Eye Gear

Wear quality protective eye gear whenever you are playing sports or performing a potentially dangerous activity. You want to wear properly sized protective goggles while engaging in contact sports. If you are doing a hobby like woodworking, then wear safety glasses that wrap around the sides. This will protect your eyes against physical damage from other people or flying debris.


Choose a Healthy Diet

Your eyes need specific vitamins and nutrients in order to stay healthy. Choose a diet that includes regular servings of dark, leafy greens like kale or spinach. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, sardines and walnuts. Increase your intake of vitamin C by eating more citrus. Finally, eat foods like kidney beans, blackberries and artichokes that contain antioxidants. These foods will protect your eyes.


Use Your Eyewear

If you have prescription contact lenses or glasses, then make sure you use them whenever needed. You can damage your eyes if you are constantly squinting or straining to see. Take care of your eyewear and use it as directed. If you find it too inconvenient to wear glasses or contacts, then consider getting LASIK in Salt Lake City to improve your vision permanently.


Get Eye Exams on a Regular Basis

You can develop problems with your eyes that only a doctor will be able to detect. You need to get eye exams on a regular basis. An eye exam can spot small problems before they affect your vision. Doctors might even be able to eliminate or mitigate the problems if they are caught early enough. Try to schedule an eye exam once every year especially if you are over the age of 40.


Carry Sunglasses While Outside

The sun emits ultraviolet radiation that can harm your eyes even when it is cloudy or wintertime outside. The radiation can actually burn your eyes. This causes temporary discomfort at first. Your eyes and retinas can actually be permanently damage over time if you do not wear sunglasses. Carry sunglasses when going out. Wear them whenever conditions are bright or you are walking in the sun. Be certain the sunglasses can filter out ultraviolet light.


Do Not Smoke

A final way to keep your eyes as healthy as possible is to not smoke. This includes avoiding second-hand smoke from other people. Smoking slowly destroys your eyes. It will significantly increase your risk of developing a condition called macular degeneration. This condition can cause blindness as your retinas slowly degrade. Simply stop smoking and try to stay away from areas where other people are smoking.


You want to take care of your eyes every day starting as soon as possible. Adopting healthy habits early on can prevent problems from developing later. You can have healthy eyes and good vision far into the future by taking just a few simple steps today.

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