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15 Healthy Dinner Ideas Under 400 Calories


Traditionally, dinner has been the big meal of the day for most people. They load their plates with a big piece of meat and some sides like potatoes and corn. And bread, there is always bread. This extra-filling dinner is falling out of fashion as people seek to make healthier choices and not eat their entire daily calorie limit in one meal. Instead, here are some options for healthy dinners which are under 400 calories

  1. Pasta with Green Beans

Whole wheat pasta, green beans, mushrooms, and a dash of olive oil makes a hearty meal. Add some seasonings like red pepper flakes, garlic, basil, or Italian seasonings and serve it up in a big bowl.

  1. Rice and Vegetables

Whole grain brown rice is another filling food that is healthy. Add broccoli, baby corn, peppers and onions with a dash of teriyaki sauce for flavor.

  1. Zucchini spaghetti

Use a Spiralizer or “noodle maker” to create long pasta-style noodles from vegetables like zucchini and yellow squash. Top with a fresh marinara and enjoy like your favorite spaghetti Mom used to make. This is a great meal to have for your dinner if you are using the Isagenix plan. A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and this healthy dinner will have you seeing some amazing weight loss transformations.

  1. Simple Salmon

Roast a piece of fish in salt and pepper and enjoy with a side of mango salsa.

  1. Pork Chops with Apple Slices

Bake lean pork chops with apple slices and a dash of nutmeg for a hearty dinner.

  1. Chicken with Old Bay Seasoning

Take some skinless chicken breasts and sprinkle them with Old Bay seasoning. Serve with a side of steamed broccoli and enjoy the zippy flavors.

  1. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Buy some pre-made cauliflower rice and add snap peas, one egg, Bok choy and any other vegetables you like in a pan. Fry with some soy sauce or a chili sauce and enjoy this healthy version of fried rice.

  1. Veggie Chili

Use several cans of tomatoes, kidney beans, cut vegetables, and chili powder for a vegetarian chili you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Set it and forget it in a crock pot and come home to a delicious treat.

  1. Fish Tacos

Grill some fish and place them in corn tortillas with cabbage, cilantro, and mango salsa.

  1. Asian Salad

Mix crisp greens with mandarin oranges, almonds, and a fragrant Asian-styled dressing for a refreshing dinner that you won’t feel guilty for having seconds.

  1. Healthy Meatloaf

Instead of only ground beef, add whole wheat bread crumbs, quinoa, or couscous to your meatloaf to cut the calories significantly.

  1. Lettuce Wraps

Cook shredded chicken in a pan with some ginger and soy sauce. Wrap in lettuce wraps with fresh mint, sliced carrots, and purple cabbage.

  1. Sweet Potatoes with Barbeque

Grill sweet potatoes on the grill wrapped in tinfoil. Enjoy with a side of barbeque corn and chicken.

  1. Shrimp and Penne

Whole wheat penne with shrimp, tomatoes, and spinach cooked in a light butter garlic sauce will take care of that Italian craving you’ve been having all day.

  1. Potato Wraps

Oven roast bite-size potatoes until a fork goes through them cleanly. Wilt some spinach in a frying pan with a little water. Season with salt and pepper. Add potatoes and spinach to a pita or whole grain wrap. Cover with a slice of swiss cheese and let it melt. Delicious!

When you start thinking a little bit differently, your creative dining juices will start to flow. What other healthy 400 calories or less dinners are on your menu these days?


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