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13 Foods That Kill Testosterone and Sex Drive


Most people are aware that the wrong foods can cause a little extra belly fat. But not many are aware of the implications food may have on their sex lives. If you have, or recently found you have depleted testosterone levels, one of the first places your doctor will review is your diet.  Your testosterone levels directly correlate with your libido, which affects your sexual interest.  Proper diet has beneficial side effects. However, breaking away from your current eating habits may prove harder than expected. To get on the right track – stay away from these 13 foods that kill testosterone and sex drive:


Those late nights gotta end if you are running low on testosterone. Partying with the boys is always a blast, but if you want to put your health and relationship first.  Stop staying out all night drinking. Alcohol is strongly correlated with lowered testosterone levels. This means that when you get home and your partner is waiting up for you, you won’t be able to perform.


Soy is often one of those food ingredients that most people don’t pay attention too. It is believed that soy and its components increases estrogen levels in the human body. As we all know, estrogen is the primary sex hormone found in females.


Although flaxseed has researched and proven health benefits such as omega-3 fatty acids and fiber; it also has negative consequences. However, if you are suffering from low testosterone and sex life is declining as well—stay away from flaxseed! Flaxseed has a wealth of lignans, which imitate estrogen inside the body.


Briefly mentioned above—but so important it deserves its own mention.  Sugar is in damn near everything. Sugar raises insulin levels, which is the precursor to storying body fat. When this happens, your body loses its lean muscle mass dropping testosterone levels.  


Every now and again you may want to dabble in the sweet tastiness of licorice. Surprising, licorice can have a significant impact on natural testosterone levels. But be careful, licorice is not only found in the 12 inch red string form. Its ingredients are often extracted and used to flavor other foods.


You might have suspected this would make the list. I know some friends of mine that go through a 12 pack of carbonated sodas a day. They are very addictive. Habitual consumption of sugary, carbonated beverage drinks will decrease your testosterone levels by adding unnecessary layers of fat to your body.


These sweet seductive fruit are tricky. They lure you in only to slap you in the face. Berries in general have some of the highest levels of estrogen imitating pesticides.  Think twice the next time you consider going after a handful of strawberries. Your evening may just depend on it.

Snack Foods

There is no will power strong enough to fend off snack foods for extended periods of time. We all fall victim to inevitable midnight snack. The moment that snack enters your body it instantaneously raise your blood sugar levels.  If you can’t withhold from late night snacking, try healthier choices like nuts and dark chocolate.

Fast Food

Love handles and the golden arches are interchangeable terms. The way of fast food has become a way of life for some people. If this is you, and you suffer from low testosterone and a decreased desire for sexual activity, you need to stop right now. The processed foods that makeup fast food is unreasonable. It will destroy your body and your testosterone levels.

Trans Fat

Sexual organs need blood flow to operate at maximum capacity. Your body’s arteries need to be free of clogs so that blood can flow freely throughout your body. If you want to incapacitate your blood flow quickly, consume trans fats! There has been a war on trans fats over the last 15 years or so, and for good reason.  Trans fats not only restrict your blood flow, but they also cause your body to boost its production of insulin, because trans fats and sugar normally hang out with one another.


I know this is going to strike a chord with most of you. Coffee is the centerpiece to my day and I would struggle to make it to 10 a.m. without it. However, I don’t have depleting testosterone levels. Let me put this into context, though. Coffee is only shown to have negative effects on testosterone if you are the type of person that gets jittery or anxious.


This delicious treat is not just for women. Most late night snacking involves some chocolate in one form or another. The trick is to stay away from milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains dairy, which can often react bad with the body. It is recommended to try the alternative dark chocolate. The taste takes some getting used to if you love milk chocolate, but like all things, you adjust quite quickly.


These are my weakness. So it’s understandable for people out there to crave the salty, crunchy French fry. This side dish is usually an afterthought at fast food restaurants, or with a big juicy burger at a local burger joint. If you have low or lowering testosterone levels—stay away from these!

People often get so caught up in their routine or daily objectives that eating just occurs whenever they have time. If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now. Eating unhealthy fast food products like sodas, burgers and French fries will unequivocally crush your testosterone levels. If you already have low testosterone or a low sex drive—stay away from these types of foods at all costs! Nobody’s perfect. Cheating on your diet will occur. The ability to cheat in small doses will benefit your psychological state as well as curb your cravings. Stay away from these 13 foods and you should see some regeneration to your testosterone levels within a reasonable amount of time.

Guest post by Rait Raak – founder at HowTonight blog focusing on health, nutrition, beauty and many more.



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