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12 Ways to Keep your Eyes Healthy and Vision Sharp


Polluted environment, sedentary lifestyle, work in front of a computer, constant use of mobile devices even when we are not working, bad diet, stressful life… So many things damage our health! And eyes are highly affected as well. With all of these, no wonder our eyes feel tension and discomfort, alongside other problems that come as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.

However eyes don’t have to suffer. Follow these 12 easy tips to protect your eyes and vision, and bring balance to your life!

  1. Eat well

Nothing extraordinary, just be sure your diet includes greens, fish, beans and nuts as a means of preventing serious eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, lattice degeneration, and other visual problems. Remember: healthy diet – healthy vision!

  1. Use your computer correctly

Always allow distance of at least 1 foot between you and your screen. Set the brightness of the screen to be the same as the surrounding workstation. Make the text size comfortable for your eyes to read without getting very close to the screen. Sit with your back straight and eyes on the level of the screen. And don’t forget to blink often!

  1. Make scheduled breaks

Even if you are using a computer correctly, your eyes stay focused on one place only, which results in some eye muscles stressing more than others. To keep the eyes from eyestrain and discomfort, make short breaks every 30-40 minutes, by looking away from your devices, washing your face with fresh water, having a little walk, or stretching body, legs, and arms.

  1. Take proper care of your contact lenses if you wear any

Wash your hands with soap and rinse well before touching the contacts. Keep contacts case clean, and replace it every 3-4 months. Always remove your contact lenses before swimming or taking a bath. And never rub your eyes hard if contacts are on!

  1. Regularly train your eyes

Eye training is an easy way to maintain your vision or even improve it just by devoting some 10-20 minutes a day! Use free Eye Care Plus app for diagnosing your current eye condition, and follow the personalized daily trainings and tips for strengthening eye muscles, relaxing eyes, and keeping them in good shape.

  1. Don’t read in dim light or a moving car

While reading in dim light will not permanently damage your eyes, it can still give you lingering eye strain until you give them some proper rest.
Reading in a moving car does not have to give you problems if you are on a smooth straight road (though it can still give you dizziness and road sickness) but can result in some eye strain if the road is windy or bumpy. Your eyes will try to focus on the text while the car jumps up and down and makes turns, and as a result you can feel pressure and tension in your eyes that will go away only after you rest them a bit.

  1. Don’t look at bright light

By looking at bright sources of light directly without any filters, you are putting a lot of energy onto a tiny area at the back of your eye, and can damage your eye permanently. This is true not only for lamps and the sun, but mobile devices as well. Use a blue light filter on your phone or tablet to limit HEV light, and don’t forget to use it when using your device in low light or bed-time.

  1. Wear sunglasses with brown, black or grey filters

Unfortunately not all sunglasses work the same way. Choose sunglasses with UV protection, and try to avoid sunglasses that have purple or blue filters. Instead, invest in black, brown, smoky, grey, and yellow-green filters. Your eyes will thank you.

  1. Go into sports

Sports should be an important part of your life so that you keep the blood pressure in your eyes at a good level. Go swimming, running, or hit the gym – it will benefit both your vision and body!

  1. Don’t use old or dried makeup

Mascara and other eye cosmetic products can give you infections if they are old. Never use makeup that have been used for the last couple of months, and invest in new ones instead. Remember that spitting in your makeup to moisturize it a bit will only cause even more bacteria inside the tube, and can lead to serious consequences like eye infections, itchiness, and even blindness! So don’t use old makeup, keep the existing ones away from direct sunlight and heat, all caps tightly closed, without adding anything on your own.

  1. Sit away from direct heat  or cold air

Air conditioners and heating systems are known for drying the air. By sitting close to them you are under higher risk of developing dry eyes, a condition when your eyes do not produce enough tears to keep the eyes moisturized, and as a result you have itchy, red, dry eyes that give you discomfort. Try to put a humidifier in the room to minimize the negative effect of the heating systems without giving up on them.

  1. Wear sunglasses in snowy weather

Snowy conditions are known for doubling the sun’s effect and UV light. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses with good UV protection (of at least 400) in wintertime!

It’s always better to take care of your eyes before any serious consequences arise. Do exercises, lead a healthy lifestyle, optimize your work condition and personal devices, and you will be able to have great vision until old age!

This post was provided by Eye Care Plus, a mobile eye exercising and test app that provides people with an opportunity to train and stimulate eyes and check your progress as you go. With an extensive number of exercises and tests, Eye Care Plus makes it easy to train and take care of your eyes, no matter where you are. All the hints and advice are available in Eye Care Plus as Daily Tips, and can provide a comprehensive guide to keeping your eyes healthy.


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