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11 Special Beauty Tips

  1. Protect your hair

If your hair is colored or bleached avoid the sun at all costs. When on the beach or out-of-doors cover it with a cotton scarf or brimmed hat.

Select a shampoo specially formulated for colored or bleached hair and remember to condition after every wash.

  1. Decorate your hair


Twist several pastel chiffon scarves into a rope and tie it around your head Indian fashion.

  1. Perm your hair

The great thing about permed hair is that it needs next to no attention. Treat yourself to one of the new soft body waves, and keep your hair in tip-top condition with regular cutting and conditioning.

  1. Revive your eyes

Place slices of chilled cucumber on your eyelids, lie down and relax for ten minutes. Remove the cucumber and splash your eyes with cool water. Pat them dry.

Relieve the strain of reading, watching television or close work: close your eyes, count to ten, then focus on a distant object.

  1. Color your eyes

Revive your eyes

Shadow the space from the centre of the lids to the outer edge with lime eye shadow and fill the inner corner and crease with mauve. Extend lime under the lower lashes and finish with two coats of navy mascara. It looks stunning with white or denim gear.

  1. Soak your tired muscles

Soak your tired muscles

Unwind before bedtime with a soothing herbal bath. Place a teaspoon of mint, eucalyptus leaves or pine needles into a little cheesecloth bag, tie up the ends, and add this aromatic potion to your bath. You will be amazed how relaxed you will feel, and how much more quickly you will fall asleep.

  1. Add sheen to your nails

shine to your nails

Shine your nails without polish – buff them. You will need pumice powder, buffing paste and nail buffer. All are available at chemists or department stores.

  1. Revive your energy

prop your feet up

After a hectic day, turn on a soothing record, lie down (preferably in a darkened room), and prop your feet up with pillows.

For quicker results lie flat on your back on the floor facing your bed. Put your legs up and rest them on the bed from the knees down. Close your eyes, turn hands palm up, relax fingers and forget the world, but only for ten minutes.

  1. Cleanse your face

Mix a handful of raw oatmeal with enough rose water to form a firm paste. Smooth over a scrupulously clean face and throat and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water. Pat dry. Massage moisturiser into the throat and face. Suitable for normal to oily skins.

  1. Keep your cool

Store your favorite eau de cologne in the refrigerator during the summer months. Spray it on your wrists, the back of your neck and behind the knees for an instant cooling pick-me-up.

After a long bath or shower, pour baby oil onto a wad of cotton wool and dab all over the body. Tissue off excess oil. Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

  1. Slim your waistline

Stretch your arms above your head, feet slightly apart, and swing the right hand to the left toe, then the left hand to the right toe. Repeat 20 times.

Stand with your feet a little apart. Bend to the side, stretching fingers as far as possible along the leg. Simultaneously, swing the opposite arm above your head. Hold. Count to ten. Repeat 20 times stretching from left to right sides.



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