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10 Ways to boost your memory power


Remembering things and doing it in a proper way, is vital for any individual. Memory is center of everything and good memory is important for personality development. A person who tends to forget things now and then make things difficult for himself/herself as well as for other and no one likes to be with such a person.

We have seen many people who forget the name of people they meet and they struggle with prices, passwords and dates. We say that few people have sharp mind, this is because they tends to remember each and everything. People have perception that memory is importation when you grow old, but this perception is wrong. At every phase of life sharp memory is very essential. A child who goes to school every day, for him also memory boosting is important. A growing brain needs to be more focused and efforts should be put in to boost child memory so than he/she can be successful in life.

If an individual things he/she is losing his memory and forgetting things, its time they should start working on memory boosting exercise. Don’t wait until it is too late. Challenging your brain on regular basis is also a must to constantly improve and maintain the strength of your memory .Our brain also needs regular exercise just as our body.

Techniques to improve your Memory:

1) Create Mental Images: Draw pictures in your mind. Relate your piece of work with some Physical Gestures and movement. Your brain tends to remember pictures better than words.

2) Practice: Don’t try to jot down everything. Try to remember things in your mind. Start by remembering long phone numbers.

3) Creative Association: Try to bring out fun ways to remember words. Associate them with things you remember. Suppose I want to remember word Physical I can relate it to physic and coal. It sounds bizarre but is very helpful.

4) Say it loud and write it down: Read loud and then read it again, once you think you remember everything, try to write it down.

5) Break words: In case the words are too many than you can break those words and try to remember example if you  want to learn color name you can use the short cut like Y for yellow, B for blue, O for orange, R for Red. The short form will be BOYR.

6) Break up your study time: It is not necessary that increasing number of hours of study will increase your grasping power. Our brain needs rest, which is why it is easier for us remember lecture at the beginning and same lecture becomes boring at the end. Everyone is different so you need to find it out for how long your mind works efficiently.

7) Play Brain Games: Play games that enhance your brain and boost your memory power. Many Memory boosting games are Crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, Scrabble and Chess. In the world of internet also we have many memory boosting games and quiz, which one can take help of.

8) Take out time for gatherings: Healthy relationship is a great memory booster and interacting with others is best type of brain exercise. If you sit among people and interact on different topic your mind brainstorms. Research have shown that people who have good social life tends to remember things in much better way and have slowest rate of memory decline.

9) Leave worries and tension: Stress is one of the enemies of brain. If you keep too much tension in your mind, you tend to mingle up things. Worries destroy your brain cells. The stress busting exercise is Meditation. Meditation works magic by making you more focused.

10) Exercise and healthy diet: Last but not least, most essential is the food you intake and exercise you perform on daily basis. So plan your regular exercise schedule and consume food items that play an important role in memory boosting. Good diet results to good memory. Omega -3 fatty acids like fish, kidney beans, and walnuts are good for health. Green vegetables, Fruits, green tea and dry fruits are good to boost your memory power.


Author Bio: This article was written by Morris York. He has a passion for writing on health topics. He has written articles for many health-based companies and currently is working for a UK based company where you can buy kamagra at discount.


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