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10 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Teeth By Caroline Elliott


White teeth are like nostalgia, kind of.

Hear it out. Mourning the loss of your teeth’s whiteness can be a lot like mourning the loss of your childhood. But, just because you grew up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and, just because you’re teeth aren’t as pearly as they used to be doesn’t mean that you can’t make them gleam again!

Okay, but how? Is it expensive?

Questions are always good, but have no worries because there are a handful of simple, classic remedies that you can do to improve your teeth on your own. Of course, seeing a professional will do you some justice, as well.


First off, let’s name the most obvious of all remedies: the simple one-two punch of a toothpaste and toothbrush. If you haven’t been using these two things from the time you can draw nostalgia from, we can positively say this could be why your teeth aren’t in the shape they ought to be in, or the shape you’d like them to be in. Here’s a dentists’ advice, brush multiple times a day.

2. Carbamide peroxide (not the bleach you’re thinking of)

Next, let’s hit the addiction that runs most of our adult lives, coffee. It’s not the staining that’s so addictive, obviously, but the caffeine inside of the coffee bean. You don’t have to stop cold turkey, but, if you’re a heavy coffee drinker, cutting back (maybe quite a lot, in fact) will do you a world of good. For coffee stains, applying carbamide peroxide, which has a bleach in it, will remove interior and exterior stains.

3. Whitening strips

These strips do exactly what they say they will, whiten. They’re usually clear and can be applied easily to the teeth. Throughout the day, you can apply them a few times for a few minutes to get the desired effect. In only a few days, you will see visible results, so these are great for your cause.

4. An apple a day keeps the dentist away

You should be running from your dentist or anything, but one of the oldest tricks in the books is still effective. Apples trigger a lot of saliva in your mouth, and this saliva is a natural cleaner for teeth. Just another reason why having a lot of fluids is good for you.

5. Straws

Not to make another nostalgic childhood reference, but do you remember drinking pop, soda, what have you, out of a straw when you were younger? Well, that was actually good for your teeth. Not that pop is good for your teeth to begin with, but when you do drink it, a straw helps the sugary fluid avoid your teeth, reducing the effects of its acid.

6. The non-smoking section

Your lungs and teeth just did a high-five to that headline. As you probably already know, smoking is bad for your health in more way than one. Any type of tobacco can stain the teeth a brownish color, and they are very hard to remove. The more you use tobacco products, the more serious the stains will get, too.

7. Berries: the good, the bad, and the ugly

To avoid any confusion, berries are very good because of the disease-fighting antioxidants they have in them. However, they also stain the teeth very easily. Keep eating them, have a glass of wine daily, even, but remember to rinse your mouth when you are all done.

8. Gatorade: Is it in you?… Hopefully not too long.

Sports drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, and the like can be heavy strainers for your teeth as they erode enamel with prolonged use. Just like with berries, make sure to rinse your mouth when you are done. Otherwise, after a workout, you are good to keep using these wisely.

9. Medications even

Lots of medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, and blood pressure meds can cause tooth stains. They have chemicals chlorhexidine and cetylprindinium in them that cause tooth stains. Use them accordingly, but don’t abuse them, as you should do with any drug.

10. Floss it up

Since we started with a simple concept, we will end with a simple concept, the concept of flossing. Flossing is a big help for keeping your teeth white, as it removes extra things within the cracks of your teeth that can cause any staining. It should be done once a day, and yes your dentist is understandably upset when you forget to do so.

Now, go forth and put these remedies into practice!

Caroline Elliott is a freelance writer interested in health and beauty. She currently works with a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Riley, when writing her articles. Some of her content can be seen on his site. She hopes that you have enjoyed reading her articles as much as she has enjoyed writing them.


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