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10 Bad Foods That Can Ruin Your Muscles


Are you working hard to get leaned and ripped? Hitting gym regularly and working out even at home? Getting enough hours of sleep and all? But you know what can slow down the progress?

It is the food that you are consuming. If you don’t eat proper food, the muscles you are gaining might get ruined.

All of your efforts that you are putting in the gym will be in vain. Would you like that? No, right! So it is better you chose your snacks and meals that will be good for your diet and muscles as well; the food that will fuel up your body. A proper diet would just do fine which should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-calorie dairy products and lean protein.

Muscles require branched-chain amino acid which is available in foods like peanut butter, low-calorie dairy, poultry, and meat. But there are foods which can sabotage all the hard work you are putting in the gym, and that’s why you should stop consuming it. Here is the list of the foods which can ruin your muscles:

1.     Fast Food

We all are in love with pizzas, burgers, and fries, aren’t we? But you know these fast foods are full of sodium and fat. If you eat this fast food often then there are chances you might face heart problems; which is the most important muscle of our bodies. Sodium, when consumed in a large amount, can weaken your body and dehydrate it; make you feel bloated and sluggish.

2. Bagels

Do you know the bagel you just bought from the store has approx 400 calories? Plus, it is full of carbohydrates. And if you add some cream cheese; then all you are getting out of it is saturated fat. Neither the creamy cheese nor the bagel will do to help you build your muscles.

Instead: Take one slice of brown bread or wholemeal bread overspread with peanut butter. You can use Avocado instead of butter. The taste of Avocado is like butter because of its creamy texture, and it has been replacing the oil and butter for healthier recipes.

3. Alcohol


If you consume alcohol daily, then it will cause more stress to your body, and it will increase the antioxidant demands. The antioxidants which are used to recover the muscles now will be used to digest the alcohol.

Instead: Lower the alcohol consumption. However, if you got to drink; only have two servings in a whole day.

4. Doughnuts

You got to forgot these delicious babies if you don’t want your muscles to be ruined. They are made from fried, flour and consists no healthy ingredients which help you grow your muscles.

Instead: Take Greek yogurt which has protein and low in calorie and tops it up with fresh fruits and a bit of honey.

5. Ice Cream

Let me tell you how much calories one cup of ice cream has: total 137 calories, 4 gm saturated fat, 2 gm protein and 7 gm total fat. One cup of ice cream gives you 22% of saturated fat of your daily need. We love ice cream at any given time, don’t we? And that is why we don’t mind eating 2 or 3 cups in one sitting. Do you think that will help you build your muscles?

Instead: Eat nonfat yogurt bars.

6. Processed Cheese

All cheese consists of fat and sodium, but cheese does have other important nutrients which are useful for muscle growth. However, it doesn’t have enough protein compared to unprocessed cheese.

Instead: Consume unprocessed cheese for ex: Brie, Parmesan, or Cheddar.

7. Artificial Sweeteners

These artificial sweeteners are 100 times sweeter. They do not contribute anything to muscle growth, and that’s why you should avoid it.

Instead: Go for natural sweeteners but in small amounts. For ex: honey, agave, maple syrup or any fruit syrup you like. You can try mango syrup; becausethe sweet taste of mangoesis the tangiest.

8. Soda

Soda is nothing but sugar water which is no longer beneficial for your health. Cola which has caffeine can weaken your bones.

Instead: Opt for low-fat or nonfat milk.

9. Potato Chips

These potato chips are a healthy addition to your muscle-gaining diet plan, but once they are processed, they lose many nutrients. They no longer give antioxidant vitamin C.

Instead: Go for baked potatoes or baked fries.

10. All-Purpose or Rising Flour

Most of the cookies, bread, cakes and other goodies are made of all-cause flour which gives empty calories. If you are a fan of baked food, you can try different recipes where you can mix up whole wheat flour and all-cause flour.

Instead: Prepare your version of baked goodies which are healthier, and you can enjoy on occasions.

Now that you are aware of foods that can ruin your muscle gain try avoiding the mentioned foods. Is it just the food that matters? No, exercise that you do and on what time the exercise is done matters, too.

As per the myths, only morning workouts can yield the best result, but I would say you should find your own perfect time to exercise. According to studies, you should try to exercise in different times of your day:Start working out early in the mornings for a few weeks, then try it at noon and in the evening.Neither science nor I can determine your best time for workout. You and only you can do it.

So guys, choose your workout time according to your lifestyle and do try different timings. Don’t forget to stay away from the foods that can ruin your muscle. Try new healthy versions of the food instead of those mentioned above. Just so you know, organic food richer in nutrients can leave better impacts on enhancing your muscle. So maybe you will want to add them into your diet. A humble start with fruit and veggies grown in your own organic garden might be a good idea.

If you have any queries regarding this, please let me know by commenting in the below section. Stay healthy!


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