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10 Advantages of Physical Therapy


Physical therapy can provide the help that many people need due to injuries or illnesses that have caused lower functionality and movability of their bodies and limbs.

Riverside Medical Group is just one medical facility that provides tailor made programs to assist individuals so they can return to their level of mobility while encouraging activities that will help and work with them to help make lifestyle changes that will ensure that no further harm will be done as well as improve overall well-being and health. Oftentimes, your primary doctor will work alongside physical therapists to ensure you receive the quality care you need.

The ten ways that physical therapy can help:

Reduces Pain

Different therapy techniques, as well as exercises, can aid in relieving pain while restoring joint and muscle functioning. This can be done via taping, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation. In many cases, the techniques can actually keep the pain from returning.

No Surgery

Many people have avoided surgery after receiving physical therapy that aided in healing an injury or getting rid of thepain. For those that still need surgery, physical therapy prior to surgery can provide faster recovery by getting your body in better shape.

Improve Movement

For those that may have problems when moving, walking, or standing, physical therapy can improve your life. Physical therapy strengthens and stretches muscles which can restore mobility.

Stroke Recovery

When a person has a stroke, they often lose some of their mobility and function. When physical therapy is used it aids in building up physical strength which will aid in balance and gait.

Sports Injury Recovery

Those that participate in sports have an increased risk of certain types of injuries which can include stress fractures. Physical therapists can create a tailor-made program to help sports players prevent injuries as well as recover faster after an injury.

Prevent Falling by Improving Balance

As we age, falling is a huge factor which can lead to broken hips and other bones. A physical therapist can create various exercises that aid in strengthening the bones and muscles to help improve balance which will help prevent falls. Physical therapy can reduce symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

Manage Various Illnesses, Conditions, and Illnesses

With proper physical therapy, an individual can manage vascular problems, diabetes, age-related problems, lung disease, and heart disease. For those with diabetes, exercise can play a huge part in controlling blood sugar as well as provide help for the tingling sensations in the limbs.

Osteoporosis, joint replacement, and arthritis are age related problems that can be helped by physical therapy.

When it comes to lungs and the heart, physical therapy can aid by providing individuals with conditioning, strengthening, and breathing exercises to help individuals have a better quality life.

Manage Health

Physical therapy can provide aid for various conditions that women and men may experience in their life including pelvic health, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, constipation, lymphedema, bowel incontinence, and breast cancer.


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